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LinkedIn Adds Voice Messaging No One Wants

Dave Parrack 30-07-2018

LinkedIn has added voice messaging to its platform. This means you can now record and send a voice message to someone on LinkedIn, saving you the time and effort of writing out a message. No one asked for this, but LinkedIn thinks it’s a good idea regardless.


Why LinkedIn? Why Voice Messaging?

You may be wondering why LinkedIn would add voice messaging. Well, LinkedIn predicted the response to this feature, and has laid out a trio of reasons why you may want to use voice messaging. As explained on the LinkedIn Blog:

Voice messaging makes it easier to contact people on the go. Because, if you’re busy doing something else, speaking into a microphone is easier than typing. And as most people speak faster than they type, voice messaging can save you time too.

Voice messaging is less intrusive on the recipient’s time. If you call someone you’re essentially asking them to drop what they’re doing to speak to you. A voice message is more permanent, and can sit there until the recipient is ready to respond.

Voice messaging allows you to communicate on a personal level. Written messages can sometimes read as dry, with a distinct lack of personality shining through. The intended tone can also get lost in the time between you writing it and someone else reading it.


How to Use LinkedIn Voice Messaging

You can use voice messaging through the LinkedIn app on Android and on iOS. To record a voice message simply tap the Microphone icon in the mobile messaging keyboard. Then tap and hold the new Microphone icon to record your message, releasing it to send.

You can cancel sending a voice message by sliding your finger away from the microphone while recording. Which will be a Godsend if you either say the wrong thing, stumble over your words, or employ the wrong tone. All of which could make you look less professional.

As If Endless Emails Aren’t Bad Enough

LinkedIn is famous for flooding your inbox with emails. Which is all kinds of annoying. Now, imagine that barrage of emails sent as voice messages, and you’ll see why this new feature hasn’t exactly been greeted with enthusiasm by regular LinkedIn users.

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  1. dragonmouth
    July 30, 2018 at 6:10 pm

    Simple solution - don't use it. LinkedIn is not holding a gun to anybody's head, forcing them to use Voice Messaging.