LinkChecker: Find Broken Links On Your Site
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Anyone who has a website knows that it is important to keep it up to date. It is hard to get traffic to your site in the first place, and once you have visitors you would want to keep them coming back. One of the things that can turn off your visitor is broken links. It gives visitors an impression that the site is outdated.

The best way to avoid broken links is to check them on regular bases, obviously if you are going to do it manually it is very daunting task and almost impossible. This is where LinkChecker comes handy, it allows you quickly find broken links on your site.

find broken links on your site

Simply enter the URL of the page you want checked and click “Check”, LinkChecker will then scan a given page and generate a report.

broken link detector

You can also adjust LinkChecker with additional options such as request short summary instead of detailed report, request to hide redirects, request not to check referrer header… etc.


  • Free web based broken link detector.
  • Check as many web pages as you like.
  • Additional options to customize link scan: request short summary, request to hide redirects, request not to check referer header and more.
  • No registration needed.

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