Limmz: Start Page with 50+ Search Engines

abhijeet 23-06-2009

Limmz acts like a search engine start page that provides links to a huge list of search engines and websites. Enter your query in the search box and click on the desired search engine. It then opens in a new tab showing the results. The search engines are neatly categorized under web, image, video, news, music and more. Hence it lets you comprehensively search a term across different search engines from one page.



Limmz is highly customizable. You can choose the default search engine, the logo and the search engines or sites you want to use for each category by clicking on the preferences option.

Features :

  • Large number of search engines and websites on one webpage.
  • Helps to centralize your online research.
  • Sites properly categorized under different heads.
  • Highly customizable. Choose the default search engine, logo and the search engines or sites you want to use for each category.

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  1. Steve
    August 21, 2009 at 6:52 am

    I was looking forward to making this my home page, but was disappointed with some of the search engines and with this site.

    Even though I was recognized by the site as being from the USA (and I went into preferences to double-check) it still brought up Yahoo France.

    As far as the web search engines (the only ones I checked), Cuil, Orange and Exalead were terrible. The top of their search list was dominated by questionable sites.

    The site is still in Beta, so maybe it will improve, but for now it is a no go for me.