Like Netflix for Flights: Unlimited Trips for a Monthly Fee
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Do you enjoy spending small amounts of money to get the things you want? If so, then close this article right now and move on, because the thing we’re going to tell you about is most certainly not cheap, but for some people, it could actually end up being the best deal they’ll ever find.

We’re talking about a service called OneGo, which is like Netflix except that it costs thousands of dollars and is for United States airfare.

Basically, it lets you pay $1,500 per month for West Coast flights. From the East Coast, you’ll be spending $2,300 per month, and Middle American flyers will pay $1,950 per month. Those looking to fly anywhere in the country at anytime will need to spend a whopping $2,950 per month.

Baggage costs an additional $750 per month.


It’s expensive, but it’s an interesting way to approach traveling, especially for business people who need to hop on planes frequently.

Travelers can fly Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin America at the launch of the service. It will support 76 US airports when it becomes available on March 1 on iOS (Android and web apps are in the works, too).

If you’re interested, you can sign up for the service as a “Founding Flyer” right now so you can get access as soon as it starts.

Would you sign up to fly as much as you wanted if money wasn’t an object? Would you travel more if you didn’t pay each time? Share in the comments!

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