7 Lightweight Android Go Apps to Save Storage Space and Memory

Abhishek Kurve 13-03-2018

Android Oreo (Go edition) is Google’s attempt at improving the Android user experience on entry-level smartphones. The Go edition comes with all the fancy features of Android 8 Oreo, along with pared-down versions of the core Google apps.


These lightweight copies of Google apps are lighter and less resource-intensive, which means they should run flawlessly on lower-end smartphones. Google primarily aims this program at users from developing nations, but any performance-conscious Android user around the globe can download and use apps made for the Android Go platform.

Android Go Apps: The Benefits

The entry-level Android smartphones Android Go targets often come with limited RAM and storage space. Thus, Android Go apps are built to run smoothly on devices with as little as 512MB to 1GB of RAM. These apps are also up to 50 percent lighter than their regular versions.

Your high-end Android smartphone can get bloated over time too. Worse yet, your Android phone can run slow even with top-notch specs Why Is My Android Phone Slow Even With Good Specs? Specs aren't the only thing that matters in an Android phone. Here's why your phone may be slowing down despite it's good specs. Read More . So it’s definitely a great idea to take advantage of these optimizations, even if you rock a flagship Android phone.

Now that you know the advantages of Android Go apps, here are the Android Go apps you can try out right now. We’ll also cover the differences between these lightweight apps and their regular counterparts.

Note: All the Android Go apps are available in the Google Play Store. However, if the app is incompatible with your device or unavailable in your country, you can download and sideload the APK How to Sideload Any File onto Your Android Phone or Tablet You may have come across the term "sideloading" before, but what does it mean? And how can you go about sideloading apps or files? Read More from the APKMirror links given below each app.


1. Gmail Go

Gmail Go

Gmail Go is a slimmed-down version of the regular Gmail app. It comes with almost all the features of its regular counterpart, including support for multiple accounts, launcher shortcuts, swipe gestures, new mail notifications, and more.

Its features are so close to identical compared to the regular version that we wonder why the standard app is larger in size. The Gmail Go app seems to have occasional hiccups while scrolling, though. Hopefully, this is something that Google can fix with a software update in the near future.

As of writing, Gmail Go is not available as an open beta, so you need to install the APK from APKMirror and sideload it on your device.


Download: Gmail Go (Free)
Download: APKMirror [No longer available]

2. Maps Go

Maps Go

Maps Go is a lightweight version of Google Maps. It retains most of the features of the regular Maps app 10 Lesser-Known Features in Google Maps for Android Google Maps has some amazing features that most people don't know about. Read More such as real-time traffic updates, directions, public transport, and information about local businesses.

Being honest, though: Maps Go’s implementation doesn’t feel up to the mark right now.


For one, Maps Go is simply a Progressive Web App (PWA). So you need to have Chrome installed for it to work. Second, it’s definitely lighter and probably uses less data than the regular Maps Go app, but it doesn’t come with an offline mode. Offline usage is essential for users, especially in developing countries, where internet connectivity might be limited 10 Best Android Apps for Slow Internet or Bad Network Connectivity Regularly losing connection or just generally have slow data speeds? Then you need these lite Android apps. Read More .

Some other features that aren’t supported in Maps Go:

  • Turn-by-turn GPS navigation
  • Sharing real-time location
  • Setting home and work addresses

If you still want to test Maps Go, make sure to join the beta testing group, then hit the below link to download it from the Play Store.

Download: Maps Go (Free)
Download: APKMirror [No longer available]


3. Assistant Go

Assistant Go

The lightweight version of Google Assistant lets you ask various questions with your voice, just like the regular version.

It seems fairly limited in other aspects, though. For instance, it currently supports English only. It’s likely that Google will add new languages soon.

Another major limitation is that you cannot control smart home devices with Google Assistant Go. It also doesn’t support Google Assistant Actions.

This means that you cannot interact with third-party apps using the lightweight version of Google Assistant. Also, you cannot use your keyboard to type instructions for Google Assistant Go, so you’ll have to resort to speaking to it.

Download: Google Assistant Go (Free)
Download: APKMirror [No longer available]

4. Gboard Go

Gboard Go

Gboard Go retains the core features of the regular Gboard, such as gesture typing and integrated Google search. It also supports themes, which is surprising.

On the other hand, Gboard Go axes certain fancy features like GIF search, stickers, and one-handed mode. If you’ve wanted to use Gboard without these frills, Gboard Go is the perfect Android keyboard What Is the Best Alternative Keyboard for Android? We take a look at some of the best keyboards in the Play Store and put them to the test. Read More you’re looking for.

However, Gboard requires the latest Android 8.1 Oreo. This means that, depending on your manufacturer, it might take several months before you can give it a shot. Also, it’s not available on the Play Store right now, but you can download it from the APKMirror link below.

Download: >APKMirror [No longer available]

5. YouTube Go

YouTube Go

Launched in 2016, YouTube Go was one of the first Android Go apps. This data-friendly version of YouTube is designed in a way to keep data consumed to a minimum.

The video previews feature gives you a sneak peek of what’s inside the video. YouTube Go also allows you to download videos for offline viewing. The regular YouTube app lets you save videos offline too, but the Go variant offers more control. For instance, it lets you choose the desired resolution and displays the estimated file size before downloading a video.

Video sharing is another exclusive YouTube Go feature that lets you share videos with nearby friends using Bluetooth.

Earlier this year, YouTube Go started rolling out to over 130 countries. It still doesn’t work in the US, but you can install it using the APK below.

Download: YouTube Go (Free)
Download: APKMirror [No longer available]

6. Files Go

Files Go

Files Go is Google’s first attempt at building a standalone file manager, so it doesn’t have a full-featured counterpart.

It comes with a slew of storage management features such as the ability to clear app cache, uninstall unused apps, find and remove duplicates, etc. It also ships with a Share Files feature that lets you transfer files wirelessly to nearby devices.

Files Go doesn’t support features such as file sharing network protocols like FTP, WebDAV, and SFTP. So, if you’re looking for such advanced features, we recommended to check out other our list of powerful third-party file managers for Android The 7 Best Free File Explorers for Android There are a bunch of file management and file exploring apps out there for Android, but these are the best. Read More .

Download: Files Go (Free)

7. Google Go

Google Go

Launched in early 2017 as Google Search Lite, the app was rebranded to Google Go late last year. It brings over many features of the main Google Search app: you can search Google, find and share images, search with your voice, and everything else you’d expect.

It’s almost identical to the regular Google Search, but offers a greater control over the interface. For instance, you can easily enable or disable access to features such as sports scores, movies, news, etc. Also, the web pages open substantially quicker, thanks to the Light Mode.

Overall, it offers the best of the Google Search app, while managing to keep the app size and data usage down.

Download: Google Go (Free)
Download: APKMirror [No longer available]

Android Go Apps: Small in Size, Not in Features

Overall, I really like the concept of Android Go apps. Considering the fact that these lightweight apps sport most of the features of the regular ones, I’d choose most of them over the full-featured ones any day.

If you own an Android Go smartphone, the Google Play Store will highlight several other lightweight versions of regular apps. Google has also partnered with other third-party companies to provide a stripped-down version of their apps Save on Storage Space With These 7 Lite Android Apps If you have an older device or just a cheap Android phone, these apps will be much better for you than their mainstream counterparts. Read More . And did you know that the Google app can replace all sorts of other apps 12 Types of Android Apps You Can Replace With the Google App The Google app on your Android phone can replace many dedicated apps. Here are some app types you won't need anymore. Read More to save you more space?

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