Lifetime Subscription to TigerVPN Lite for Just $29

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How would you like to get access to a VPN for the rest of your life for $29? I know that sounds crazy cheap, but that’s just the deal we have on offer over at MakeUseOf Deals. That’s right, you can get lifetime access to TigerVPN Lite for just $29. How cool is that?

Buy: TigerVPN Lite: Lifetime Subscription

TigerVPN Lite Features

The VPN service we’re looking at today offers everything you need from such a service. You’ll find strong  256bit SSL encryption to protect you and your web browsing habits, which is really what a VPN is all about.

If you sign up for a VPN and they keep logs of your Internet browsing habits, then you’re not being very secure, as the company has records of what you’re doing. Those records could easily fall into the wrong hands. Thankfully, TigerVPN has a strict policy against keeping logs, so you don’t need to worry in that regard.

If you want a VPN for using torrents, TigerVPN does support it in EU countries. In the US, they say it’s prohibited. Of course, you should only be using torrents to download legally available files and we at MakeUseOf do not support piracy and using torrent files for such. However, regardless of how you plan to use torrents, it’s good to know that your lifetime of VPN access won’t be restricted away from them.


You can freely use your VPN subscription as much as you want, because there are no data restrictions. So whether you’re downloading large files or streaming HD video, you’ll be good to go.

Since this is the Lite plan, you’ll be getting access to 15 different servers, which is more than enough for most Internet users looking for protection. You’ll be able to get servers in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Denver, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Vienna, and Zurich, so you’ll definitely have options for avoiding georestrictions and the like.

Another consideration when signing up for a VPN is speed.  The fact is, when you route your connection from your house through a server, you’re going to lose some speed. However, TigerVPN says that you’ll keep more speed thanks to its 10Gbps servers optimized to limit latency globally. This means you’ll be able to connect and still watch HD videos without a problem.

The last big thing you need to think about is compatibility with your devices, and that’s definitely not a problem with TigerVPN, as it works with almost everything. Both iPhone and Android apps are available, as is support for Mac and Windows. You can even run it directly on some routers.

All in all, TigerVPN features everything you could want from a VPN service. You’ll get both high security and high speeds, which are the two pillars of any good VPN!

Hurry, Offer Ends Soon!

Like all good deals, this one isn’t available forever, so if you want to get unlimited lifetime access to a great VPN service for $29, this is the time! Head over to the link below and sign up!

Buy: TigerVPN Lite: Lifetime Subscription

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  1. Anonymous
    August 21, 2015 at 10:38 am

    Awesome deal ;-) I think lifetime plans are just cheaper than a billboard on timesquare. I am sure it will never pay off for them but got the media attention ;-)

    With regards to the note, I asked them, the answer is simple and makes sense.
    They did not have time to build an entire new dashboard just for lifetime customers so they had to tweak their backend to make it work. So if you would hit upgrade to one year plan, obviously would destroy the setup, but why would you :-)

  2. Anonymous
    August 14, 2015 at 6:57 pm

    Seems like it is not such a great deal as the notice on their site in the license area:
    NOTE: Changes to the subscription may invalidate the lifetime subscription (e.g. upgrades)

    • Anonymous
      August 18, 2015 at 5:54 am

      Ouch! Thanks for the heads-up. IMO "Lifetime" products are the first sign of a dying company.