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IFA 2019: LG’s Vision of the Future Is Here

Joe Coburn 05-09-2019

LG’s vision for the future of tech highlights the extraordinary pace of innovation on show here at IFA 2019. LG showed us their latest 8K OLED televisions, smart appliances, and gave us a glimpse into a potential AI-fuelled utopia. Here are some of the highlights.


LG’s OLED technology is stunning, and seeing an 8K TV roll up into a kitchen cabinet on its own is something we may come to expect from every television soon.

Can you imagine playing a video game or watching a movie on a 65-inch or greater display, and then pressing a button and it hides itself in a piece of furniture?

IFA 2019: LG’s Vision of the Future Is Here lg superwide tv

When not in use, you’ll struggle to know there’s even a television set in the room.

LG's futuristic OLED wall


LG’s OLED experience is an immersive experience like no other. OLED panels cover the curved walls and ceiling. Mirrors make the room look endless, and surround-sound speaker technology brings a little cinematic magic. Is this the future of cinema, or advertising? Vivid, life-like colors mimicking a jungle, the ocean, or an interstellar adventure.

This year, LG is investing in artificial intelligence, or AI. Commanding your devices through voice control is not enough. With LG and a blazing-fast 5G network, your devices will share information like never before. Your TV will know your viewing habits and favorite shows. It will share useful information such as the latest Game of Thrones episode airing date with your fridge, which can pre-order food and other supplies in advance.

When you get a new robot vacuum, no longer will you have to tolerate adequate or sub-par cleaning results while the machine learns what your house looks like. Your washing machine, wardrobe, or any other device can share the information it already knows. Once one machine learns how to solve a unique problem, it can share this information with your household, and with the entire network of internet connected devices.

LG's smart wardrobe and cleaning device

LG’s final AI concept is a connected and intelligent wardrobe, clothes washer, and personal fashion advisor. By using a camera your wardrobe can inspect the style and material of your clothes. It can then tailor its care and washing routing for that item of clothing. It remembers clothing and settings used in the past, and uses a feedback loop with you to ensure you’re happy with the work.

LG’s vision of the future gives us an exciting look into where technology may be heading. 8K OLED televisions are stunning, and a network of smart devices connected over 5G brings a level of communication and intelligence unseen in any device yet. While there are many security considerations involving your data and usage habits, these are not necessarily more intrusive than the tech we currently use every day. LG’s AI has arrived, and it’s great.

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