Let Your Windows Phone Help You Relax, Sleep Or Study

Yaara Lancet 05-03-2014

Is annoying noise interfering with your concentration? Is your bedroom too quiet to sleep in? Modern life brings many modern problems, and one of them is the difficulty to concentrate, relax, or sleep. Luckily, this modern problem also has a modern solution.


We’ve told you about several white-noise apps 3 White Noise Apps To Help You Sleep, Concentrate & Relax If you're trying to sleep or work and an incessant background noise won't let up, these apps will help. Read More already, but as usual, these were for Android and iOS. We also showed you some great websites that can help you relax 6 Free White Noise Sites To Relax Or Set Yourself To Sleep Read More . But what about all of you Windows Phone users out there? Don’t you get to relax? You certainly do, with a free app called Sleep.

Sleep To Your Heart’s Content

Wouldn’t you rather listen to a fire crackling or to rain falling rather than your partner snoring? With its slick and simple interface, Sleep lets you do just that.


Sleep lets you choose from 12 different soothing sound effects. These include fire and rain as mentioned above, as well as birds singing, water falling, and even urban sounds such as driving and city noises. The somewhat quirky Windows Phone design convention turns each of these effects into a live tile of sorts, which rotates between an image, a text description and a combination of both.



It’s not over once you choose a sound, though. Tap the small triangle on the right to open up Sleep’s mixer. This lets you add personal touches to your chosen sound. The mixer includes six different added sound effects: thunder, wind, frogs, crickets, chimes and fog horn. Each of these effects can be configured using four volume levels, from silent to loud.

This way, you can create your own mixes on top of the existing sounds, or use the “silence” sound effect to build your own mix using just mixer sounds.


Unfortunately, there’s no way to save your mixes once you’ve created them, and your work will disappear once you tap on another tile to switch sounds. It would have been great to have the ability to save some personal presets, but creating these mixes is easy enough so you won’t waste too much time when creating them again.


If you’re worried about Sleep draining your battery while you sleep, tap the moon icon on top to activate the timer.


You can set the timer to any of the available options between 5 and 90 minutes, and not worry about Sleep carrying on with its noise forever. When the timer is set, Sleep will display a “Zzz in X” message on the main screen. You can also turn your screen off and Sleep will continue running in the background.

To make your life even easier, you can pin your favorite sound effects to your Start screen, and activate them quickly whenever you want to listen to them.



In case you were wondering about the purple accents in the app’s interface, these are controlled by the phone’s chosen theme. So by changing this in your phone’s settings, you can easily change the appearance of the app.


Premium Packs

As you may have noticed, there are no ads displayed in Sleep. If you like Sleep and want to support the developer, you can purchase the premium sounds pack for $1.29. This gives you access to six more sound effects including soothing snowfall, rain on roof, hot tub and train.



Bottom Line

For Windows Phone users who want a relaxing background noise, Sleep is a great find. It’s free, it has no pesky ads, and it lets you customize things just enough without becoming too complicated. It also seems to be under active development, with the last update from only a couple of months ago, so it’s probably safe to expect new features to come. No wonder it made it onto our best Windows Phone app list!

Know of other Windows Phone apps that offer relaxing white noise? Do you use these kind of apps on your own phone? Tell us in the comments.

Download: Sleep (Free, $1.29 in-app purchase)

Image credit: Sleeping Girl by Timothy Krause via Flickr

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