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Lenovo Reveals 14-Inch USB-C Monitor Called ThinkVision M14

Dave LeClair 26-02-2019

While most companies are focused on mobile phones and tablets for MWC, Lenovo has just announced the ThinkVision M14—a 14-inch portable USB-C monitor that looks quite awesome.


Of course, this isn’t the first USB-C monitor to hit store shelves, but this particular one does come with a reasonable price tag and a pretty serious looking set of features that could make it an extremely appealing option for any on-the-go remote worker.

ThinkVision M14 Features and Specs

The main idea behind the ThinkVision M14 is that you can get the multiple-display experience while moving around with your laptop. Traditionally, a monitor is a more cumbersome device that requires a dedicated power outlet and quite a bit of space. The M14 is portable and works with just a USB-C connection to a laptop, so it can be set up and used just about anywhere.

Sporting a 1920×1080 resolution, the IPS display on the M14 is 14-inches. A 1080p resolution is sufficient for such a modest screen size, so images should look sharp and crisp. However, the company didn’t reveal the full specs as far as monitor performance goes.

Lenovo Reveals 14-Inch USB-C Monitor Called ThinkVision M14 ThinkVisionM142

Because it’s USB-C, you can actually power the monitor directly from your laptop, so you don’t need to be near an outlet to enjoy multiple displays. For road warriors, this could be a big deal, as certain jobs are much easier to accomplish with two displays.


The monitor actually has two additional USB-C ports on it for passthrough, but in order to use this feature, it will need to be plugged into an AC adapter, as passthrough uses too much power.

As far as carrying the M14 goes, it sounds like it’s quite small. Lenovo says it weighs in at just 1.3 pounds. It’s also only 4.6mm thick, so you shouldn’t have an issue throwing this in your backpack alongside your laptop.

ThinkVision M14 Price and Release Date

Lenovo is set to release the ThinkVision M14 in May of this year. Its price is actually pretty reasonable, coming in at $249.

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