Bored With Lego Dimensions? Time to Look at Expansion Packs!

Christian Cawley 19-12-2016

Lego Dimensions is an amazing game, with characters and environments from an unrivaled 30 different franchises. If you own a copy of the game, you might have thought about buying some of the expansion packs.


But do you know which packs to buy? Are you aware of the difference between a Story Pack and a Team Pack? Can you add levels with a Fun Pack? Let’s find out!

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What Is Lego Dimensions?

In case you haven’t seen the game around, or even if you have, here’s a quick catch up.

Lego Dimensions is a video game for the Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360. Within the game are various worlds (TV and movie franchises, essentially) and these are unlocked via appropriate characters.

The unlocking portion uses physical characters — Lego Minifigs with NFC bases — and a Lego toy pad. A small part of the gameplay involves the building this USB-connected device that detects the Minifigs (and upgradable vehicles) when they’re placed, and moved around the pad. Once on the pad, the characters appear in the game. If you’ve ever played a Lego video game, you’ll probably know what to expect.


Our review of Lego Dimensions will tell you more.

The game ships with Batman, Wyldstyle from The Lego Movie, and Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit‘s wizard Gandalf. As a result, the DC Comics world, The Lego Movie, and The Hobbit are open in the game when you first play.

Additional packs come into play when you wish to expand the game. Perhaps you’ve completed what’s available and want a new challenge, or you just want to add characters and unlock some hidden features. Either way, you’ll need to find the right sort of pack. Packs are released in waves. Wave 1 followed release of the Starter Pack in 2015. At the time of writing, we’re at Wave 6.

Whether you’re playing the original Starter Pack or one of the expansions, you can be certain of a traditional Lego video game experience, full of meta references and irreverence Story, Character, Humor: How Lego Games Became So Popular Lego, known for their consistent quality, is a cornerstone of the gaming industry. What's their secret? Here's why we think Lego games are so popular! Read More .


Lego Dimensions has four types of expansion packs on general release. Which ones should you buy?

Lego Dimensions Packs Explained

As mentioned, there are four types of Lego Dimensions packs (a fifth, “Polybag” pack is available from conventions and special events, consisting of a single character in a bag).

Story Packs — These add to the initial storyline, and include characters and additional Lego bricks for corresponding buildings, compatible with the original toy pad. Two are currently available: Ghostbusters (2015), and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. A third, based on The Lego Batman Movie, is scheduled for release in 2017.

LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack - LEGO Dimensions - Not Machine Specific LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack - LEGO Dimensions - Not Machine Specific Buy Now On Amazon $29.95


Level Packs — New levels are brought into the game with Level Packs, so you could find yourself playing themed missions from franchises as disparate as The Simpsons, Back to the Future, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Team Packs — Containing two characters and two vehicles/gadgets, these will add characters to your Lego Dimensions adventures, and might unlock some extras.

Fun Packs — The biggest range of expansions, these contain a single character from one of the associated franchises, and a gadget or vehicle. For instance, the DC Comics range has five Fun Packs, including Superman with his Hover Pod.

As you might expect, the packs vary in price depending on what they bring to the game. Fun Packs of characters are less expensive than Story Packs that add new story elements to the game. Be aware, however, that adding packs to your Lego Dimensions game is likely to instigate some downloads, as updates are acquired to accommodate the new characters, vehicles, and worlds.


Another word of advice. Like all Lego packs these days. Lego Dimensions expansions ship with spare pieces, usually the smallest that are most likely to get lost. It’s a good idea to keep these in a small, plastic box, so they can be retrieved when necessary.

So, that’s clear. But which of these packs should you be buying, and which should you (perhaps) steer away from?

Top Expansions You Can’t Miss

You now know what the best type of expansion is: a Level Pack. But not all level packs are created equal. Some feature better game worlds than others, for example, or (less importantly) better vehicles.

And, you know, some of the Team Packs and Fun Packs are worth buying for the unlocks they deliver to other packs. Let’s not forget the additional (mission-free) worlds on offer with the Team Packs.

Best Level Packs

Want more challenges from Lego Dimensions? Then you need a Level Pack.

Dr. Who Level Pack - Lego Dimensions Dr. Who Level Pack - Lego Dimensions Buy Now On Amazon $37.78

Doctor Who Level Pack — While strictly for hardcore fans of the show (with all incarnations of the Doctor, and TARDIS interiors on offer), this is quite simply the best Doctor Who video game ever (outside of the mobile Doctor Who: Legacy game and any you might have made yourself How to Make Your Own Doctor Who Adventure for the BBC Have you ever dreamed of making your own TV show? Do you want to tell a story full of action, adventure, and alien invasion? The BBC lets you do just that with Mission DALEK. Read More ).

Portal 2 Level Pack - LEGO Dimensions Portal 2 Level Pack - LEGO Dimensions Buy Now On Amazon $17.00

Portal 2 Level Pack — A somewhat surprising inclusion, the Portal 2 levels bring the slightly confusing world of Valve’s action puzzler to Lego life, complete with the parent game’s typical irreverence.

Simpsons Level Pack - LEGO Dimensions Simpsons Level Pack - LEGO Dimensions Buy Now On Amazon $18.25

The Simpsons Level Pack — Arguably the best of the bunch, Homer Simpson and his car take center stage in this madcap excursion around Springfield. We’ll be honest: it’s better than The Simpsons: Tapped Out The Simpsons: Tapped Out Is A Free-To-Play Game That Mocks Free-To-Play Games The Simpson's Tapped Out is a free-to-play game that mocks all of the genre's most annoying aspects, all while still trying to sell you in-app purchases. Read More .

Back to the Future Level Pack - LEGO Dimensions Back to the Future Level Pack - LEGO Dimensions Buy Now On Amazon $41.99

Back to the Future Level Pack — If the trailer for this one doesn’t grab you with an avalanche of movie nostalgia, nothing will. Feature the voices of Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox, this is, perhaps, the very best of the level packs, but we’ll leave that to you to decide.

Best Team Packs

Team Packs deliver worlds and quests to Lego Dimensions, rather than full levels.

Scooby Doo Team Pack — A couple of mainstream Lego Scooby Doo games are available, and while this only brings Scooby, Shaggy, the Mystery Machine and a Scooby Snack into the Lego-fied Scooby Doo world, it remains as a lot of fun.

Jurassic World Team Pack - LEGO Dimensions Jurassic World Team Pack - LEGO Dimensions Buy Now On Amazon $54.95

Jurassic World Team Pack — There is already a Lego Jurassic World game (also featuring Jurassic Park levels), so it makes sense for the Lego Dimensions developers to limit this to a team pack, letting your existing characters explore Jurassic World. Features main character Owen, ACU, the Gyrosphere, and a Velociraptor.

Warner Home Video - Games LEGO Dimensions, Harry Potter Team Pack Warner Home Video - Games LEGO Dimensions, Harry Potter Team Pack Buy Now On Amazon $37.85

Harry Potter Team Pack — Harry, Voldemort, the Hogwarts Express and the Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia are all available to you as you explore the world of Harry Potter, Lego style. There are no missions, but you’ll enjoy the world, reminiscent of the previous Lego Harry Potter games.

Best Fun Packs

Dr. Who Cyberman Fun Pack - Lego Dimensions Dr. Who Cyberman Fun Pack - Lego Dimensions Buy Now On Amazon $19.99

The Fun Packs you choose really depends on how you feel about the characters on offer. In some ways, they can complement your existing Level Packs. For instance, you might opt for the Doctor Who Fun Pack, with a Cyberman and a Dalek, to bolster your Doctor Who Level Pack.

As mentioned above, all the Fun Packs do is introduce the character into the existing worlds and levels in the game. So, choose something or someone you want to play with, and have fun!

Top Lego Dimensions Story Packs

For the depth that they bring, we’d suggest you start your expansion search with the Story Packs only when you’ve finished the main game. As for which of the three (at the time of writing) to choose, we suspect the Lego Batman Movie has a built-in advantage, so start here (unless you’re a total J.K. Rowling fan/Potterhead and prefer the idea of the adventures of Newt Scamander, in which case you’ve probably seen this example of Google Magic Peek Into the World of "Fantastic Beasts" With Google Magic With "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" coming out soon, Google has rolled out a number of magical features that you'll enjoy using. Read More ).

Great Gifts for Friends, Children, or Yourself

As you can see from this, the Lego Dimensions range is an all-encompassing collection of toys that work with an already diverse video game. Indeed, you could conceivably spend your entire gaming life playing just this game.

With a range of prices for these packs, you’ll find that Lego Dimensions expansions make great gifts. You might even treat yourself.

What do you think? Are you playing Lego Dimensions? Is there a Level Pack you are particularly enjoying? Any that you’ve been disappointed with? Tell us in the comments.

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