Legistalker: Track Activity of US Congressmen & Senators

Azim Toktosunov 01-07-2009

Nowadays, more and more politicians are embracing the Internet as a way to communicate with their voters and the rest of the world. Legistalker lets you track the latest online activity of US legislators (congressmen, senators) in one place.


You can view what they have voted on (motions, amendments, resolutions etc.), browse news mentions in online media sources (newspapers, blogs, magazines, YouTube videos) and follow their Twitter updates. Moreover, you may browse representatives for different US states and add them to a Watch List to track their latest online activity in one place. No registration needed.

us congressmen and senators


  • Track online activity (news mentions, twitter updates, videos etc.) of US congressmen and senators in one place.
  • Search for a legislator from a search bar or browse representative from each state on a map.
  • Add politicians to your Watch List.

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