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Legato: Share & Discover Music

Joshua Lockhart 30-05-2013

Music is a social experience, right? Listeners are constantly swapping tunes, making recommendations, and even creating music together. We have websites where people can discuss music. When people go to parties, what is almost always going on in the background? Music.


Up until now, music in the digital age has been more of a solo experience. While we have websites where it can be discussed, listening to music on your iPhone is more of an individual type of a situation.

With Legato, you can share what you are listening to with other users of the app. After listening to a brief sample of the tune, they then have the option of purchasing it right away. You even share the music via social networks for an even more interactive experience.

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The app operates much like its own social network, though. With a timeline, followers, and a following function, you can connect with your friends and artists outside of the traditional Facebook and Twitter routes.

All music is pulled from your own personal iTunes library, and Legato will allow you to connect to the iTunes store in-app whenever you want to purchase a new song. In short, Legato is the social experience that iTunes hasn’t provided yet. Built with a colorful, minimalistic design and a unique user interface, Legato is one of many ways to share and discover new music.




  • Helps you find new music.
  • Lets you share what you are listening to.
  • Connects you to friends and other music-lovers.
  • Allows you to share your music via Facebook, Twitter, and App.net.

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