LED Light Fun For Android: Display Bold Messages On Your Phone’s Screen For Free

Tim Brookes 06-01-2013

Despite the many uses for an app like LED Light Fun, it’s not necessarily something many of us want to spend real money on. Luckily, LED Light Fun is completely free so you can mess around or find a real-world use for it without having to reach for your wallet. In short, LED Light Fun allows you to display large text messages in bright colours as if you had an LED display board using your Android device.


led light fun for android

These messages can be displayed in a range of colours such as a static, scrolling or blinking light. In addition to text, the app lets you display the time and date, police-style lights with sound and random flashing colours for when you’re really bored. On a more useful note, the app can be used to turn on your device’s camera flash The 10 Best Free Toolbox Apps for Android Want to turn your Android phone into a toolbox? Here are some useful Android apps for measuring distance, level, sound, and more. Read More and even perform this action from a handy widget 6 Handy Android Widgets for Your Homescreen The Android homescreen is a central hub for your most used apps and folders. It is also a great location for placing widgets that provide a quick overview of what is going on in the... Read More .

led light fun for android

As well as being a harmless bit of fun, there are a few occasions when LED Light Fun might come to your aid in the real world. In noisy environments (such as night clubs or large crowds) it can be used to get your message across if all else fails. The time and date function might be useful in travel situations and access to your phone’s flashlight can be very handy when fumbling in the dark.

It’s not bad for winding up your friends from across the room either.


LED Light Fun For Android: Display Bold Messages On Your Phone's Screen For Free ledlightfun 3

Demo video:


  • Display text messages, the time, date as well as other functions using your device’s screen.
  • Text can be static, scrolling or blinking in various colours against a background of your choosing.
  • Quickly access your device’s light with a tap or using a home screen widget.
  • Also available for Kindle family tablets.

Check out LED Light Fun @ Google Play

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