Learning A New Language Gets Easier With Lingua.ly On Android

Lingua.ly took a different route with its language learning Chrome extension. It combined self-learning with a daily habit – browsing the Web. Now, Lingua.ly has added another feather with its freshly launched Android app. Download the app from the Google Play Store and collect foreign words as you go around with your Android smartphone. And just to whet all the iOS users’ interest, the iPhone version is coming soon.

We have talked about the language learning assistant before in an earlier review of Lingua.ly How You Can Learn A New Language While Browsing The Web With Lingua.ly Lingua.ly is another innovative language learning tool that helps you become familiar with foreign words while browsing the Web. Lingua.ly turns the entire Web into a "language learning platform". Read More . It is not a language learning tool that takes you from scratch to fluency, but gives you a way to add to your basics. Lingua.ly is designed to enrich your vocabulary with new words while browsing. You can also give your new vocabulary an edge with flashcards and fun games. The Android app stays faithful to the same immersive experience.

The app supports — English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.

Pick the language that you want to learn. The “Read” section updates with articles that are personalized around your topic interests. Collect words from the foreign language articles and learn their translated meanings in your mother tongue. You can also type or paste words into the dictionary, and get the native translations. Lingua.ly helps you customize your learning with interactive flash cards and practice games. For instance, you can associate pictures with the new words to help with recall. Pictures add context and with the flash cards you can drill through to gain a richer vocabulary.

You can keep adding to your personal dictionary, either with the app or via the Chrome extension. The Read section continuously gets smarter and tries to serve articles with your words in them, so you can learn how they are actually used in real contexts.

Try the app if you are getting into learning a foreign language and need to practice more. Come back and tell us if it’s helping you add a few more extra words while you are on the move.

Source: Lingua.ly Blog via The Next Web

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