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Angela Randall 19-07-2011

money management softwareDo you ever get the feeling that maybe you could do a little better with your money management? Maybe that you could plan a little more thoroughly, save more money, learn more about financial products or be more disciplined about building good money habits and making more money? Well, you’re not alone. Many 18-35 year-olds have undisciplined money habits and don’t really understand how some financial products work. Many people have recently been forced to reconsider their finances due to hard times.


But there’s a site designed to help educate and revitalise your financial life. Learn Vest offers money management bootcamps and all sorts of general advice. All you have to do is sign up and get started.

Sign-Up With Learn Vest

LearnVest has a free, easy sign-up involving either your own login or a Facebook Connect login. While signing up, you’ll be offered an email subscription to the first of their money bootcamps, such as the “Cut Your Costs” bootcamp.

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The bootcamps are planned to teach you a lot about a certain topic over a few short weeks. The next step of the bootcamp is emailed to you every 2-3 days, so you have a little time to put the idea into place before your next installment arrives.

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For instance, the “Cut Your Costs” bootcamp starts with tackling your budget and learning what you can do to lower your utility bill expenses. A few days later it discusses how to understand your phone bill and negotiate a better deal, then a few days after that, it moves on to extending the life of clothes and laptops in order to save money on replacements.

If you have subscribed to a bootcamp you can access the materials on the bootcamp page whenever you like.

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Other free bootcamps include “Get Out Of Debt” and “Personal Finance Basics“, while paid bootcamps include subjects like “Build Your Wealth“. You can sign up for extra bootcamps at any stage and you can easily preview examples of the bootcamp before you decide to sign up.


Learn Vest Tools

Throughout the articles and bootcamps, Learn Vest encourages you to start a budget, start an action plan for your life, calculate your debt and retirement needs and to complete checklists to ensure you are prepared for major life events, such as weddings and babies.

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These tools are collected in an orderly fashion for savvy users to make use of at any time.

Learn Vest - Revitalise Your Finances With Youth Money Management Tips Learn Vest Tools Calculators


Reading About Money Matters

A lot of financial information and tips can be gained just by reading about money matters regularly. So, Learn Vest also offers articles you can follow regularly using RSS, email, Facebook or Twitter. Or if you’re just interested in a certain topic, you can browse the various articles using the menus.

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If you were to spend some time learning about finances on this site, then calculating your own needs using the various tools available, you’d quickly be on track to managing your finances with ease. Here’s some other great articles you might like to read:

money management software


What’s your favourite online money management software? Where do you get your financial advice online? How has Learn Vest helped you?

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