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Learn To Develop Video Games For $49, 99% Off Regular Price

Dave LeClair 19-11-2014

Have you always dreamed of building your own video games? With the rise of the indie game development scene, it’s easier than ever for a single person working on a game to actually get noticed, but of course, you need knowledge and skill to actually make your game ideas a reality.

That’s where this fantastic course bundle comes into play. It will allow you to go from zero to hero in game development, and for a limited time, you can get this massive bundle of game development tutorials for $49, which is 99% off the regular price of $989. Read on to find out exactly what you get in this crazy deal.

What Do You Get?

With this deal, you’re going to get access to seven different game development courses, which is a whole lot of knowledge for you. It starts off broad, with an intro to Unity 3D, and it drills down into more specifics like HTML5 mobile game development, making your first puzzle game, and even specific courses for iOS and Android game development. It really covers everything you need get going in game development.

Some of the courses will require to purchase additional software, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Let’s take a look at each course, so you can get a quick idea what it offers:

Intro To Game Design w/ Unity3D


Unity is one of the most popular engines for new developers because it’s relatively easy to use, and it provides access to a huge library of assets that can be purchased for a reasonable price. Of course, you can’t just jump in without knowing what you’re doing, and you will if you go through the 18 lectures and over three hours of content in this course. Taught by the School of Interactive Design, everything from the basics of the engine to actually making textures is covered, so you’ll be getting off on the right foot.

Create Your First Computer Game with Stencyl


If creating 3D games in Unity isn’t for you, then you will love this course that covers Stencyl, a powerful tool for developing games in 2D. If you’ve always dreamed of making games with an old-school look and feel, you’ll love the 41 lectures offered by Richard Sneyd here. By the end, it promises that you’ll have the skills required to code a 2D game, which is downright awesome.

HTML5 Mobile Game Development for Beginners


HTML5 is one of the fastest growing ways to develop a game because it works on nearly every platform. The 57 lectures offered by Pablo Farias Navarro in this class promise to give you the knowledge you need to write a game in HTML5 using only free tools.

Learn to Code by Building A Simplified Flappy Game for iOS 7

We all know Flappy Bird, right? It’s the game that took over the Internet for a short while, and now you can learn to make one like it, albeit a little on the simpler side. This one features 28 different lectures and source code for all kinds of basic Flappy-style games that you can tweak and use as a powerful learning tool.

Create Your Own Match 3 Puzzle Game

Match 3 puzzle games are a staple among game fans. Whether it’s just matching like the classic Bejeweled or mixed with RPG elements in a game like Puzzlequest, matching three things together to create combos is a game mechanic that’s here to stay. The 2 hours of content and over 20 lectures offered in this course will teach you the basics of developing a match three game, from there, it’s all up to your creativity to do something truly new and interesting with the tools it provides.

Creating iOS Games For Beginners


The App Store has given thousands of game developers a platform on which they can get their games in front of players. Don’t want to get in on some of that action? Well, that’s just what the whopping seven hours of content offered in this course will show you. It will take you through every aspect of developing a game using the Cocos2d engine. From there, the sky’s the limit.

Learn Android App Development From Scratch


Of course, you don’t want to just learn to make a game for iOS, and that’s why this Android course is also offered. It’s massive, coming with 44 lectures covering everything from the basics of Android programming to the features and specifications of the Android SDK. If you’ve always thought your game idea was ripe for success on Google Play, it’s time to stop delaying and start learning.

Don’t Wait!

This deal is only available for a limited time, so if you want to take advantage of your chance to start your game development career at a 99% discount, you need to jump on this quickly. Order now and save yourself a ton of money while helping improve upon a skill set that you can use for the rest of your life!

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  1. Ariel R. Abella
    November 29, 2014 at 5:51 am

    this is nice idea, I want it.

  2. Nathan
    November 19, 2014 at 6:07 pm

    Do better math - that's 95% off, not 99%