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Saikat Basu 31-10-2017

Time travel. It’s 2030. The robots have taken your job. What is the one secret technique that can help you survive in this future world?


Learning skills.

Come back to today. It is a “secret” because we pay so less attention to it even with so much of information around. Learning is a meta-skill that is an enabler for several other skills. Think creativity…or even something as mundane as deliberate practice Want To Become An Expert At Something? Try Deliberate Practice It's all too easy to feel crestfallen when you're arduously trying to improve a certain skill. Use the power of "deliberate practice" to get you over those infuriating plateaus. Read More . There is so much to learn and so little time.

How to learn well is the only meta-skill you need to take on any other self-education project. Successful learners have developed their own set of strategies. Have you thought about it?

In our continuing series on the top Udemy courses, we take a look at five tip-packed classes that will help you become your own best teacher.

Class begins with your next click.


Learning to Learn

Key lesson: Effective strategies to maximize your learning.

The school gives us “packaged” knowledge of the world around us. As we step into adulthood, we come up short because the reality isn’t rigid. That’s why we need to understand how to learn. Not just, what to learn. Learn the process of learning and you can solve any problem with some self-education. Your auto-didact habits This Online Learning Guide Will Save Your Career A survival guide to help you navigate the world of online learning and show you tools that will help you achieve your learning objectives. Read More might save your life one day.

Online Course - Learning to Learn

This course will help you sift through the learning opportunities around you and make the most of them. The six lessons will help you achieve optimal learning by working around your mental blocks.


The course is theoretical but the concepts here are a good foundation for any course you take on in Udemy.

Primal Learning – Join the Top 1% Fastest Learners

Key lesson: How to use neuroscience to optimize your learning.

There are days when learning is just so tough. This is a feeling most of us have come across more than once in our lives. Some of these learning failures can be traced back the chemical lab that’s called the brain. For instance, neuroscience has a lot to say Train Your Brain with 10 Fantastic Neuroscience Podcasts These fantastic podcasts offer clear and clever discussions on neuroscience that everyone can understand. Learn how your brain works and get actionable tips for a better life. Read More how a chemical like dopamine plays a pivotal role in learning.

Neuroscience also says that you can “hack” your learning brain with a few strategies. This is where Mathias G., and Vegard Gjerde come in with this course on accelerated learning. Spend the first hour on the brain and next three hours on special techniques that can put you in a state of flow and optimize the way you learn.


Back this up with practice and observe for yourself how the exercises help you make marginal improvements in your learning.

10x Power Focus: Discover The Hidden Element Of Top Learners

Key lesson: How to maximize your focus and your learning abilities too.

In his book on Deep Work, author Cal Newport says that what we choose to focus on and what we choose to ignore—plays in defining the quality of our life. It’s true because your ability to ward off distractions is directly proportional to your productivity. For me, a clarity on my goal and the powerful method of time blocking Time Blocking -- The Secret Weapon For Better Focus Are you looking for a more efficient way to organise your work-days? Try Time Blocking. This time management tactic can help keep you on track while keeping distractions, procrastination, and unproductive multitasking at bay. Read More have helped to 10x my productivity.

Online Course - 10x Focus


Find your own secret learning hack with this course. The best takeaway from the course is the concentration exercises (more than 35 in all). You can turn focus into a lifelong habit at work or even more mundane things like reading and learning. A better focus can be vital for mastering the fundamental challenge of our busy lives — time management.

Maybe, you can take this course before starting an important course at college or university? And, then test your attention muscles with the lessons learned here.

Become A Learning Machine 2.0: Read 300 Books This Year

Key lesson: How to read a book every day.

Have you looked at your reading list How to Organize Your Out-of-Control Reading List Right Now A reading list serves a lot of functions -- from practical to inspirational. But it can also get out of hand. Using these tips to manage your reading hobby can do wonders for your life. Read More lately? Mine is out of control. There are just too many titles for a single lifetime. But all of us need to go back there or make a reading list, to begin with. Today, information is everywhere. But we need to find the wisdom. That sits on top of more than two dozen reasons to read more. Start with a reading list. And, then tame it with the tips in this course.

The three and a half hours devoted to this course will give you a step by step blueprint. It will motivate you not only to read more, but also learn more. I am not a huge supporter of speed reading, but it does have its benefits when you trying to get through non-fiction books. If you read fiction a lot, then this course is not for you. The course may not help you touch 300 books for the year, but it should definitely make you turn reading into a habit. That’s not a bad thing, is it!

And, do remember that it’s not enough to read more. You have to take action on what you read.

50 Accelerated Learning Machines

Key lesson: How you can use the right software or app to learn better.

The right technology can turn your daily life into a learning experience How You Can Turn Daily Life into a Powerful Learning Tool Lifelong learning give you access to new opportunities, better-paying jobs, and an advantage over your peers. With these powerful apps, you can take your continuing education into your everyday surroundings. Read More . Today’s generation is growing up with technology, but if you are not from Generation X or Y, then technology may not be that enabler yet. Even millennials should stay aware of how different apps and websites can be re-purposed for self-learning.

Online Course - 50 Accelerated Learning Machines

With 50 tools to choose from, there are plenty of choices to go with your unique learning style. For instance, as an auditory learner, you may prefer podcasts over reading. Timothy Kenny says the tools will help you cover every stage of skill acquisition and manage the information that comes with it.

At its best, you will walk away with ideas on how to design a simpler learning system of your own.

Forget What You Learned in School

In a famous TED Talk, Sir Ken Robinson called out the failings of the school system. Even as you support or dispute this claim, you can keep looking for opportunities to master learning. Today’s digital world doesn’t leave us with any excuses. Not even the lack of time. Pick up an online course…it need not be one on Udemy.

But, do pick one from the above list to sharpen the ax. On Udemy every paid course you take comes with:

  • Lifetime access.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Certificate of completion.

How have you tried to become a better learner? What tips would you suggest to someone who is yet to master this meta-skill?

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