Learn How to Practice Mindfulness Even When You’re Busy

MakeUseOf Deals 10-01-2019

Modern life can be pretty stressful. Thanks to smartphones, we are tied to work and social commitments like never before. In this mayhem, it’s difficult to find time to relax. The Mindfulness Course for Busy People can help you escape the madness, with a range of calming techniques that fit with your busy schedule. You can get the course now for just $10.99 at MakeUseOf Deals.


Mindfulness in the Mayhem

Based on Tibetan meditation techniques, mindfulness is all about focusing your mind on the here and now. By paying attention to your body and your breathing, you can mentally escape the stressful schedule of your day.

While mindfulness classes take at least an hour, this course has been designed specifically for busy people. All the techniques you will learn are made to be squeezed between the items on your to-do list, or sandwiched between meetings.

The course includes 20 video lessons, starting with the basics. Your tutor is Charles A. Francis, the founder of the Mindfulness Meditation Institute. He talks you through each technique, helping you control your breathing and calm your racing mind. You also learn how to establish daily mindfulness practice, even when you’re busy.

Full Course for $10.99

This expert teaching is worth $199.99, but you can get the two-hour course now for $10.99. The price includes lifetime on-demand access.

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