Learn Full-Stack Development From the Best Coding Instructors in the World

MakeUseOf Deals 10-03-2020

With thousands of new websites and apps launching every day, there has never been a better time to start a career in code. Full-stack developers are some of the best paid programmers, with experienced pros earning up to $113k. The 2020 Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle helps you join this elite group, with 50 hours of training from top instructors — including Rob Percival and John Elder. You can get the bundle now for $38.99 at MakeUseOf Deals.


Learn to Code

To call yourself a full-stack developer, you need to master several different languages and frameworks. Learning these skills is made easier by great teaching.

This bundle includes nine courses from world-class tutors. Rob Percival is probably the best known — his courses have been taken by 1.5 million students, who have left thousands of five-star reviews. Through beginner-friendly tutorials, he shows how to start building applications with C# and .NET.

The training also helps you master front-end development with HTML, CSS, PHP, and Angular, while the courses on MySQL and Microsoft Server will help you build a solid backend. You even get a crash course in Python programming.

50 Hours for $38.99

These courses are worth $1,650 in total, but you can grab the bundle now for just $38.99.

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