Learn to Dine Properly Around The World

ROFL 05-03-2015

Just recently, we took a look at the proper way to answer and talk on the phone in different parts of the world Phone Etiquette From Around The World When you hop on a plane and travel to a new country, there are a lot of things that are different. Read More . Turns out, that’s not the old thing that’s different when you step out of the borders of your own country Smart Luggage Could Forever Change The Way We Travel Smart devices are everywhere! They're even making their way into the world of travel in the form of smart luggage! Read More .

Dining properly Google Says Bon Appétit: See Restaurant Menus In The Search Results This is one Google Search feature that everyone could do with. Type in a restaurant's name and Google Search will display the menu from the place. Read More  changes vastly. The things you do while eating in your own country might be completely different somewhere else. You might think that a restaurant is a restaurant, but as the infographic below details, you’d be very, very wrong in this way of thinking.

Via MyTripBreak.Co.Uk

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  1. muttLOL
    March 6, 2015 at 6:22 pm

    Wrong: Italians don't tip at restaurants, or if they do they just round the price up. Service costs are already included in the bill