LazyDroid: Remotely Control An Android Phone From Computer

Israel Nicolas 18-05-2011

If you are busy working on your computer, checking your phone every now and then can be very distracting. It is especially annoying if you pick up your phone only to find out that what you’ve received is not really an important SMS at all. It is during these times that LazyDroid Web Desktop will come in handy. It is a free Android app that lets you remotely control your Android phone using a web browser. With it, you may access several functionalities of your phone with your computer, so that you won’t have to pick it up when you are busy working.


remotely control android phone from computer

There are a bunch of things that you can do with your phone via the LazyDroid Web Desktop app. You can send SMS, handle calls, access your contacts, access the camera, view your phone screen remotely, access the phone sensors, see and check the phone clipboard, and manage your phone’s files. To use it, you need to run the app and take note of the local web server displayed on the screen, and input it in the web browser where you can access the app’s web desktop interface. You may also connect your phone using a USB and leave the app running in the background to continue accessing your phone.

The current app version is still in beta RC1, so you may still find some bugs every now and then. However, it is still worth a try if you need this type of utility.


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