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The Last 5 Resume-Building Apps and Sites You’ll Ever Need

Mihir Patkar 24-05-2016

A resume is the first step to landing a job. But recruiters go through so many in a day that you need to make your CV stand out in the crowd. With the right tech tools, you can build an impressive, unique resume without needing any expertise whatsoever.


ATS Resume Templates (Web): Format Your CV So Robots Can Read It

You might be surprised to know that it’s highly likely your resume is never read by a human person. Recruiters use programs called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which are bots that read your CV. We have a full guide to trick ATS into approving your resume How to Get Your Resume Past the Applicant Tracking System Nine out of every ten large companies now use a robotic Applicant Tracking System to screen your resume. We help you bypass their judgmental algorithms with simplification and keywords. Read More , but if you can’t be bothered to do that, just grab an ATS-ready template.


These templates come from Hloom, who have a huge database of amazing, free Microsoft Word templates for resumes Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates to Help You Land Your Dream Job When hunting for jobs, you have to consider so many things! To ease the headache of preparing your resume, we have compiled a selection of great Microsoft Word templates. Download and customize for free! Read More . They look simple, but that’s on purpose, so no special characters, symbols, formatting, or images cause a problem with ATS software. Each template shows you how many people used it, what its salient features are, and a preview image. What else can you ask for?

EnhanCV (Web): Figure Out What to Write in Your Resume

Those ATS templates will tell you how to format your CV, but what matters more is the things you write in them. Do you have trouble figuring out what to include in “achievements”, or what your work experience should answer? EnhanCV is for anyone who wants to know what answers recruiters look for.



Log into the free site with your Facebook or LinkedIn account to import the basic details about yourself. Then, fill out EnhanCV. Click any field and EnhanCV will offer pointers based on common advice for resume building Upgrade Your Job Hunt: 3 Quick Ways To Improve Your Resume Your resume is key to landing that job interview. Technology can help check how readable your CV is, thus increasing your chances of making a good impression. Read More . For example:

Instead of listing responsibilities, demonstrate how you applied your specific skills and abilities to achieve something. Quantify your results to convey the scope and significance of your work.

If you’ve already done that, click the “Next” button for other suggestions. Still stuck? Click “Examples”. Soon, you’ll have an excellent resume that tells a recruiter exactly what he or she needs to know.

JobScan (Web): Optimize Keywords for Job Descriptions

JobScan is a deep resume analyzer that specifically targets ATS software to make sure your resume is keyword-ready Restyle Your Resume For Instant Results On The Job Market Today, I'm not going to share with you the golden secret to resumés that will guarantee you the job. That would be stupid. However, I can guarantee that your resume will be ahead of a... Read More for it. Their research identified common denominators among ATS software used by Fortune 500 companies, like keyword searches, keyword frequency, exact-match keywords, resume content parsing, and match rate.


So upload your resume as well as the description of the job you are applying for. JobScan compares the two and tells you how high the ATS will rank your CV. You’ll get a Match Rate that describes the right word count, whether you meet the requirements, and if you have included things like measurable results. You can further check how well the two compare in hard skills, soft skills, and other skills, along with a skill graph.

You’ll need to sign up and give your credit card information during it, but don’t worry, JobScan won’t charge you. The first month is free, and if you cancel during this period, you won’t be charged. After that, you get five scans per month.

RezScore (Web): Analyze and Improve Your Resume

You’ve created your resume, but you still need to know how good it is. RezScore uses a proprietary algorithm to compare your CV with research about what makes a good one. It’ll take a few minutes, after which you’ll get a full report card with an analysis and suggestions.


For starters, RezScore gives you a grade — you need to get as close to A as possible. Your CV is scored on its brevity, impact, and depth, so you know which sections to improve on. RezScore also offers tips for improvement, analyzes which industries your resume is best suited for, shows what kind of personality you are displaying, and maps out your skills on a graph.

If your score is low, you should probably rewrite your resume with these Ivy School guides How To Write A Resume With The Help Of 8 Ivy School Guides Trying to build the perfect resume? Check out these free resume tips from some of the best schools that make up the Ivy League. Read More .

Real Resumes (Web): Check Actual Resumes of Paid Professionals

All the aforementioned tools are great guides on making a resume, but you have to wonder, what does the CV of a paid professional from your industry actually look like? Well, here’s where you can browse thousands of real resumes to find out.


This collection is made by VisualCV, which is one of the top resume builder sites to create a CV 5 Top Resume Builder Sites to Create Your Resume Online Using one of these online resume builders, you can create a professional resume, CV, or bio-data in minutes for your job search. Read More . By helpfully categorizing the CVs in different professions, you will be able to quickly find someone who matches your current profile or targeted profession, and know what you need to show from your work experience.

How Do You Make Beautiful Resumes?

Get all the help to get past robots, in the end, your resume will go to an actual human. That’s when aesthetics matter. In the past, we have shown you some creative resume ideas for designers 10 Creative Resume Ideas to Help Land Your Next Design Job If you're aiming for a career in creativity, your resume is a great place to showcase your skills and flair. Make a good first impression and the offers will flood in. Read More , but now anyone else can make a beautiful impact.

So we want to know what tools you have used to make beautiful CVs. Which gorgeous templates have you found for those without any aesthetic sense? How can someone with no design skills build a striking resume?

Image Credit: creative resume by Dragan Grkic via Shutterstock

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