International Etiquette Guide: Learn Etiquette & Manners Of Other Countries

MOin 09-07-2010

When visiting a foreign country, it is of the utmost importance to learn the natives’ norms, customs, and traditions. Natives often criticize tourists for making unacceptable mistakes.


One tool you could use to learn about a country’s culture and etiquette manners is International Etiquette Guide. It is a section from Kwintessential that lists different countries and provides information about their customs. Countries are sorted according to their continent. Clicking on a country opens up its page where you can view various relevant statistics such as exact location, capital city, population, demographics, respective concentration of religious groups, and languages.

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In addition to these, you can also read about that country’s society, culture, etiquettes, and customs. These things cover all norms ranging from meetings etiquettes to dining and business etiquettes. At the bottom of each country’s page you can view more statistical details that include currency, weather, dialing code, and time zone.

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Check out International Etiquette Guide @ Etiquette Guide

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