Krento For Windows: A Modern Application Manager & Widget Engine For Windows

Tim Brookes 19-12-2012

Krento is a widget engine Spruce Up Your Linux Desktop with Screenlets Read More , application manager and launcher designed to help you put your Windows desktop 12 Great Ways of Spicing Up Your Windows Desktop Read More to better use. It uses widgets known as “Stones” and “Toys” which can perform tasks like launching your favourite applications and web links to calendars, clocks and calculators for getting work done right on your desktop 7 Must-Have Google Desktop Gadgets for Productivity Read More .


Unlike many launchers and widget platforms, Krento is a self-proclaimed utility rather than decoration, and thus focuses on usefulness and not aesthetics.

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Krento might appeal to Windows 8 newcomers who are currently having a hard time adjusting to the new modern interface which removes the Start menu in favour of a Start screen. Using Krento you could set up your own alternative Start menu, complete with interactive widgets that provide more usefulness than the Live Tiles you will see when you hit the Start button.


Included with Krento is the “Circle” widget which acts as a command centre for favourite apps, web links and system settings. There’s also a Launchy-style application launcher which works simply by typing and choosing from the results that appear. Krento works with versions of Windows as old as XP (SP1 required), with both 64 and 32 bit versions available for download. Users are directed to the Krento Forum in order to download additional Toys and Stones.



  • All-in-one widget interface, application manager and widget engine.
  • Add “Stones” (static links to URLs, applications or system locations) and “Toys” (more interactive, richer widgets like calendars and system performance monitors).
  • Download additional add-ons for Krento at the user forums.
  • Change skins quickly and easily, display and hide Krento in a couple of clicks.

Check out Krento @

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