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Kooky Cosplayers: The Best & Worst Cosplay Videos On YouTube [Weird & Wonderful Web]

Dave Parrack 03-08-2014

Cosplay, literally meaning costume play, has grown from being a nerdy niche consigned to the fringes of society to being a mainstream cultural phenomenon. While conventions are still the most likely place to encounter serious cosplayers, geeks of all flavors are now at least aware of the art of cosplay 8 Awesome Tumblr Blogs Every Cosplayer Should Follow Instead of going to Comic Con, what if you could just sit back and look at some pictures of the incredibly creative cosplay costumes that people have made? That's where Tumblr comes in. Read More .


A quick search of YouTube perfectly demonstrates this change in mindset, as countless videos showing the best costumes and worst costumes now show up. There are also how-to videos for specific characters, songs all about cosplay, and even parodies. And you know something has achieved mainstream acceptance when the parodies arrive.

The Best Cosplay Compilation

This is the best cosplay compilation I could find on YouTube. It was put together at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, and features a multitude of geeks dressed up as their favorite characters from various movies, television shows, and video games. The costumes rock, the music fits, and the whole thing will likely make you want to attend a geek convention 8 Geek Conventions You Should Attend At Least Once, If Not Every Year Read More sooner rather than later.

The Funniest Cosplay Sketch

While some cosplayers take their art very seriously indeed, not all do. These people, for example, who are happiest when they’re acting like fools while inhabiting the spirits of their heroes and heroines. Where else could you see Doctor Who This Show Has Been Running 50 Years! Top 9 Websites About Doctor Who Doctor Who is a geeky TV show that has a very extensive catalog of information that spans over fifty years, and it would be foolish for anyone to say that they know everything about the... Read More dancing, Thor and Loki strolling hand in hand together, and a winged Link from the Zelda games dry humping a tree?

A Bruno Mars Cosplay Parody

You may like Bruno Mars. Or you may agree with me that Bruno Mars is an annoying and abhorrent aberration. Either way, this parody of his song Just The Way You Are will surely entertain. The lyrics have been changed, with cosplay now being the subject of the song. And it’s a lot better for it too. Unfortunately, the guy in the video finds the one girl in the world too nerdy even for him.

The Most Ingenious Cosplayer Ever

While most cosplayers use movies, television shows, or video games as their inspiration, there really are no hard and fast rules regarding what you can and cannot turn into a cosplay. This video proves that beyond all reasonable doubt. Yes, this guy has dressed up as one of those air dancers you usually see outside gas stations annoying everyone with their rictus grin. Genius.


The Cutest Cosplay Of All Time

You’re never too young to start cosplaying. As this young kid shows by dressing up as the most adorable Predator ever seen. He’s so cute you probably couldn’t rouse yourself to be too scared if he started chasing you around. Unless you find the thought of the young offspring of Predator hunting you down to be somehow frightening. OK, You win. Kill it, kill it with fire. NOW!!!

A Happy Cosplay Parody

You will surely have heard Happy by Pharrell Williams. It was, after all, played absolutely everywhere for several months after it was released. This makes it a perfect song for parodying, which is exactly what this video does. The singing may not be the best you’ve ever heard, but there are plenty of cosplayers displaying not only their colorful costumes but also their talent for dancing.

How To Get Bigger Cosplay Boobs Tutorial

This addition to the list may be a little controversial. It’s a tutorial explaining how cosplayers can augment their busts to make them look more like the busts of their favorite anime characters. This isn’t just for women though, as cosplayers often swap genders, meaning men need to create more boobage than nature blessed them with. Which for me and my man boobs is a little more than I’d hoped for.

Awkward Interviews With Cosplay Girls

Greg Benson is responsible for some truly funny YouTube videos 10 Of The Funniest Song Parodies Of All Time On YouTube Song parodies have existed for centuries in one form or another. We won't be travelling that far back through the swirling mists of time, but what follows are 10 of the funniest song parodies you... Read More , and this is one of those videos. Benson has interviewed lots of cosplayers over the years, and he usually slips in a few inappropriate comments. YouTube commenters called him out on this behavior, so he decided to give them what they wanted… awkward interviews with cosplay girls during which anything but their appearance is ripe for discussion.


Comic-Con Cosplay Catastrophe

There is a feeling in some quarters that cosplay is getting out of hand, with cosplayers seeking to outdo each other with ever more outrageous and zany costumes. Which is the angle CollegeHumor takes with this animated short. Comic-Con may have plenty of panels previewing movies or talking TV shows with their stars, but the cosplayers are only there to show off what they’re wearing. Screw the so-called “celebrities.

‘Leaving Mundania’ Cosplay Documentary

Last but not least we have a full cosplay documentary. Buckle in for this one, as it’s 47 minutes long, but it’s well worth watching the whole thing if you’re in any way interested in cosplay and the cosplayers who take part. Leaving Mundania is an insightful look at this modern cultural phenomenon and the people who are increasingly finding themselves in the limelight thanks to the mainstreamification of cosplay.

Share Your Favorite Cosplay Videos!

We have found 10 of the best and worst cosplay videos currently available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Now, it’s your turn. Please take to the comments section below to share your favorite cosplay videos with us, and, by extension, every other MakeUseOf reader interested in the fascinating world of cosplay and cosplayers.

Image Credit: GabboT via Flickr


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