Kohezion: Manage The Tasks, Contracts & Clients Of Your Business

moin 03-04-2013

Every year a lot of businesses start and many of them fail. One of the reasons that contribute to the failure of a business is a lack of organization. Here to help with that is a web service called Kohezion.


manage your business

Kohezion is a web service that offers its users a comprehensive web interface to effectively manage their business on the Internet. Whether your business is a small one or a large one, you will find this web application be highly useful in managing the daily operations.

Amongst the many features of the web app, you will find task management and task assignment. Recurring items can be easily added to the interface and reports based on tasks can be easily automated. Email notifications let team members know when something is complete or when something requires attention. File uploading and management are also features that help team members effectively share various versions of reports and collaborate.

Through the free account of Kohezion you can have up to 3 users on board and storage of 250 MB. Paid accounts allow more users and higher storage capacities; these premium accounts begin from $19.99 per month.



Kohezion mainly focuses its efforts on NGOs and businesses that are starting out. In those initial stages, things can be quite hectic and disorganized. Having a web application that keeps things organized for you can help infant organizations quite significantly.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Helps keep your business tasks and information organized.
  • Can organize tasks, files, clients, and more.
  • Offers a free plan and various premium plans to suit different preferences.

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