50 Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

Christian Cawley Updated 31-01-2020

Are you enjoying streaming your favorite shows, movies, and music via Kodi? Perhaps you’re playing retro video games on it? Either way, you’re probably using an app on your smartphone to control the media center software.


However, as convenient as remote control apps are, there is another way to control Kodi… with keyboard shortcuts! In this article, we provide a list of essential Kodi keyboard shortcuts for you to make use of.

Kodi Shortcuts Keys

You don’t even have to rely on a wired device, as plenty of Bluetooth and wireless keyboards (the best all-in-one wireless keyboards The 10 Best Wireless All-in-One Keyboards for Mac and PC Wireless all-in-one keyboards can transform any computer into a home theater system. But which one should you buy? Read More ) are available online. However, with a keyboard connected, you’ll be able to navigate Kodi, fast and efficiently.

Use keyboard shortcuts to control Kodi

Various keys provide shortcuts for Kodi. For example, the arrow keys on your keyboard. They’re used for all manner of Kodi functions, such as:

  • Live TV controls
  • Playing video files
  • Streaming media from the web or local network
  • Managing surround sound
  • Displaying photos and images

Furthermore, Kodi keyboard shortcuts are compatible with any device that runs Kodi. So, if you run Kodi on a Raspberry Pi, plug in a keyboard, and you can start using these shortcuts. Using an Amazon Fire Stick? These Kodi shortcuts work on there, too.


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50 Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

Menu Navigation
Up arrowUp
Down arrowDown
Left arrowLeft
Right arrowRight
MSide menu in default skin
Live TV
BSchedule recordings in live TV
CContextual menu
EOpen the EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
HLive TV channels window
JLive radio channels window
KLive TV recordings window
0 (Zero)Toggle between the last two viewed live TV channels
IView information about the selected TV show
Arrow keysUp and down to move through channel list; left and right to switch channel groups
Media Playback Control
SpacePlay/Pause toggle
FFast forward---press once for 2x speed; twice for 4x, etc.
RRewind the video; tap multiple times for faster rewinding
Right arrowSkip forward in 30-second increments
Left arrowSkip back in 30-second increments
\ (Backslash)Toggle between full-screen and windowed mode
ZChange the aspect ratio of the current video
Ctrl + SCapture screenshot (saved to preferred location selected after first use)
ODisplay codec information
WMark as watched/unwatched
YSwitch media player, e.g. between internal player and a uPnP player
TToggle subtitles
Ctrl + TChange subtitle position
Alt + Left arrowDecrease playback speed (0.8x - 1.5x speed)
Alt + Right arrowIncrease playback speed (0.8x - 1.5x speed)
QQueue a file for playback
DMove item down in the favorites list
UMove item up
Audio Control
+ (Plus)Increase volume
- (Minus)Reduce volume
F8Mute playback
AIf audio and video isn't in sync, use this to adjust the delay and bring the video back into sync
Picture Viewing
+ (Plus)Zoom into photo
- (Minus)Zoom out of photo
1-9Incremental zoom, with 9 providing the greatest degree of magnification
. (Period)Browse back through image library
, (Comma)Browse forward through library
EscReturn to the previous menu, or to the home screen
SDisplay the shutdown menu---exit Kodi, or shutdown or hibernate the host system, such as Windows or macOS
macOS Shortcuts
Cmd + QQuit Kodi
Cmd + HHide Kodi to the dock
Cmd + FToggle fullscreen view
Cmd + STake a screenshot

Modify Your Kodi Keymap Files

If you’re happy to use the keyboard, but aren’t happy with the way the keys are mapped, you can customize this with a Kodi add-on called Keymap Editor. To install this, go to Settings > Add-ons and select Install from repository.

From here, find the Kodi add-on repository, then Program Add-ons and select Keymap Editor. Click Install to continue, and a few moments later the tool will be available to configure via Programs > Add-ons.


Edit keymap files to customize Kodi keyboard shortcuts

Remember to save the file once you’re done. You’ll be able to reuse the configuration, which is saved as an XML file, in the userdata folder. On Windows, find this by pressing Windows + R and entering %APPDATA%\kodi\userdata.

Hit Enter to open the folder. For keymap locations on other platforms, check this Kodi wiki page.

Enjoy Your Media With These Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

With these Kodi keyboard shortcuts, you should find that you have everything you need for fast and effective interaction with the media center software. For an idea of other things you can do with Kodi, check out our guide to the best Kodi add-ons How to Make Your Kodi Media Center Even More Amazing Kodi is capable of far more than even its designers imagined. So, we dug deep and discovered 10 fascinating ways to make your Kodi media center even better. Behold, some awesome tips for Kodi fans... Read More to make Kodi even more amazing.


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