All smartphone users use their device to record video. But uploading the video usually means first transferring it to a computer and then uploading it on the web. Here to make matters much easier for iOS device owners, is an app called Klip Video.

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Klip Video is a community-based video-sharing application. The Klip network includes your friends that you can instantly share recorded videos with. You can use Klip’s free iOS application with iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad; the app is sized at only 4.7 MB and requires version 4.0 or later of iOS.

Video previews, shaking the device to view all video thumbnails, high quality video streaming, friend tags, real time updates, comments and ‘likes’ on videos, full dual camera support, and hashtags are only a part of what Klip offers its users.



  • A user-friendly phone app.
  • Compatible with iOS devices.
  • Lets you and your friends easily share mobile videos.
  • Lets you ‘like’ and comment on videos.
  • Lets you tag friends in videos.
  • Supports hashtags for searching things via topics and trends.

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