Kiva: Chage Lives By Lending Money To Other People

TehseenBaweja 15-01-2009

Kiva is one of the most noble ideas that you will come across on the internet. The site allows people to lend money to poor people around the world and change their lives. Kiva is a not for profit organization that provides a portal for lenders and borrowers to connect.


Here is how it works:

    Lenders browse through the profiles of borrowers and select a borrower they want to lend to. You don’t have to lend the full amount the borrower is seeking, instead, you can lend just a portion of it. You can decide whom to lend to based on their requirements, their history, their origin e.t.c. Once you have decided how much you want to lend, just pay that money to Kiva through your paypal or credit card and Kiva passes it along to the borrower. The borrower then pay you back over time. Kiva works like any other loan, but it puts the power in your hand to lend to somebody who really need the money and gives you the ability to change some body’s life.

lend money to other people


  • Lend money to poor people.
  • Lend the full amount or a portion of what they need.
  • See complete profile and requirements of the borrower before you lend.
  • Help your family & friends change lives too by giving them a Kiva gift certificate.
  • Support Kiva by buying their cafepress products like mugs.
  • Each borrower is first screened by a field partner of Kiva to make sure they have the ability to pay.

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