This Killer Feature Makes OneNote Perfect for Math Notes
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OneNote is a fantastic app for every facet of your life that requires keeping notes. It’s especially useful for students — whether you need a place to keep everything from lectures or want to collaborate on drawing with classmates, OneNote can handle it.

Microsoft recently announced a new OneNote feature that will prove helpful to anyone using the app for math work. The Ink math assistant can now create graphs from equations written by hand, letting you visualize them instantly.

First, use your finger or stylus to draw out an equation, like y = x + 5. Then, click the Lasso Tool from the toolbar and draw around the entire text of the equation. Select the Draw tab and then the Math button. You’ll see a drop-down box in the resulting right sidebar — select Graph in 2D to generate a graph.

You can then change the values in the equation using the boxes below, or change the zoom level with the magnifying buttons. To finish, click Insert on Page to add a screenshot of that graph onto your current workspace. This lets you remember what an equation looks like compared to another, save an important equation to share with others, or just mess around with numbers.

As you probably know, there are two versions of OneNote on Windows 10: the desktop version and the Store App. They’re both free, with different strengths and weaknesses. Curiously, Microsoft says that this new feature is only available in the Store version of OneNote and only works for Office 365 subscribers.

We’re not sure why this is the case, as the desktop version is the one with the full feature set. Additionally, OneNote is completely free for everyone, so it’s odd that this feature is restricted to Office 365 subscribers. For more tricks, check out our ultimate OneNote guide.

Do you use OneNote for math work? Let us know if you’ve tried this feature down in the comments!

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