Kill Keys: Disable Certain Keys On Your Keyboard To Prevent Accidentally Pressing Them

Dave LeClair 29-06-2012

Have you ever been in an intense moment in a computer game, and just as things are hitting their peak, you hit the Windows key and minimize the game? This has happened to me before, and if you play a lot of games, I am quite sure you have experienced the pain of this occurring as well. Well if you are looking for an easy to use solution, check out Kill Keys.


disable keys on your keyboard

Some keys have no purpose while playing a game, and having them working is just an unnecessary risk. Kill Keys makes it easy to turn them into dead keys. This means if you push one by mistake, nothing will happen as long as Kill Keys is running in the background.

There is little set up required to use Kill Keys, but the developer has created an easy to understand tutorial for getting everything up and running. It simply requires launching an .ini file and entering a hex code for the appropriate key.


  • Kill Keys makes it easy to disable certain keys.
  • Set disabled keys during full screen apps and non full screen apps separately.
  • Easy to use guide that takes you through killing keys.

Find Kill Keys on Google Code


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