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Kickstart Your Summer Fitness & Weight Loss With FitBit

Angela Randall 12-04-2012

fitbit reviewsWith summer approaching, many of us are starting to think a little more seriously about our weight. In particular, it’s that time of year when people worry about how they’ll look in those summer outfits. If this is you and you’re looking for a new way to keep track of your health goals, then it’s time to check out Fitbit.


Fitbit is best known for their premium step-trackers and other such intelligent devices. However, they have also built a comprehensive fitness-tracking system as a website and mobile applications. The free version is impressive as it packs in more features than most other fitness tracking applications, plus it’s very intuitive and versatile. Without spending any money at all, the Fitbit health tracker will help you to reach your weight and fitness goals.

Track The Basics

For many people, keeping track of calories, exercises and current weight is the best way to track how well you’re doing towards your health goals. Fitbit ensures this is simple to do, by allowing you to document measurements in metric and imperial units. It also offers a wide variety of activities for you to enter your exercise, including several active occupations and Wii games.

Track Sophisticated Statistics

Along with the basic tracking, Fitbit lets you calculate your heart rate at various states of exertion, your blood pressure, glucose levels, water intake and even your sleeping habits. There is also a journal for you to record specifics, including prompts to document your mood and allergic reactions.

If you need to track anything else, there is the ability to add a custom tracker where you can choose the title, measurements and units yourself. You could use this to document your medication, waist measurement, dress size, or whatever else is useful for you to track alongside your fitness and weight goals.

fitbit reviews


Your Food Plan

If you’re serious about losing weight, it can be very useful to calculate your ideal calorie intake for each day. Fitbit lets you calculate a food plan which accounts for your current weight, desired weight, proposed intensity of regime, height and activity levels. Once your food plan is in place, Fitbit will update your remaining calorie intake for the day according to how much you have eaten and how much energy you have burned.

So, if you go for an extra long run in the morning, your food plan will allow for extra calories for the rest of the day, while still keeping you towards your goals. A glance at your dashbard will tell you whether your daily food needs are being met appropriately or not.

fitbit tracker

When logging your food intake, Fitbit keeps track of your most-logged items in order to make it easy to add them again later. You can even log your favourite meals by pre-recording how much of each ingredient is used to make it.


Mobile Applications

The Fitbit applications for Android, iOS and the mobile site incorporate all of these tracking mechanisms and food calculators, making it easy for you to watch what you eat, record things as you go and generally track your progress and stay motivated.

fitbit reviews

Share With Friends

Fitbit lets you connect to Facebook to find friends, or join groups to help your find the motivation you need to help you keep going. There are a great number of public groups, plus a community forum which makes it easy to track posts you’re interested in.


Obviously, Fitbit offer even more value to those who purchase step trackers or premium plans, but this is overall a very usable system and there is a tremendous amount of flexibility and customisation available in the Fitbit free tools. Fitbit certainly compares well against other leading fitness trackers such as Fitocracy, MyFitnessPal MyFitnessPal – A Cross-Platform Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker One of the most effective ways to combat weight gain is to count the calories and keep track of your intake, as well as your exercise, in a diet diary. The only problem is that... Read More , Runkeeper 5 Best Weight Training Apps to Get Results Quickly [Android] Wouldn't it be totally sweet to be completely buffed like Christian Bale in Reign of Fire, or Jason Statham in The Transporter? I'm talking about that slick, jacked-up look - wide shoulders, carved pecks and... Read More and other mobile weight trainer apps Lose More Weight Faster With The Help Of These Communities The fact is, losing weight is never going to be easy. No matter what method you try to use there is a simple formula: eat less, burn more. There is a million ways to carry... Read More .


How do you like Fitbit? What do you track in the custom fields?

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