Kick Ass: Browser Based Website Destroyer Game

Umar 03-10-2010

Advertisements on websites can be bothersome. What if you could eliminate site ads and any other unwanted page elements one by one through a brilliant website destroyer game? If that appeals to you, then you are going to love Kick Ass.


website destroyer game

Kick Ass is a time killer  browser bookmarklet that you can quickly add to your bookmarks bar. Whenever you are bored , click on this bookmarklet and a white triangle will appear on the webpage.

This triangle is your ship. You can steer it using the keyboard’s arrow keys. You can take your ship to any page element and blow it up using the keyboard’s space bar. A visual effect of the explosion is shown that adds to the overall excitement. People who find online ads exceptionally bothersome will love to blow them up using this tool.

If you want to know what elements on the webpage you can blow up, simply hold down the keyboard’s “B” button and the eligible targets will be highlighted by a red dotted line.

destroy websites



  • A great game to destroy websites when bored.
  • Lets you blow up elements on webpages.
  • Lets you quickly get rid of website ads by “blowing them up”.
  • Lets you view which elements can be blown up.
  • Provided your webpage is fully loaded, Kick Ass does not require a web connection.
  • Similar tools: Destroy The Web.

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