KFC Is Training Staff Using Virtual Reality
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If you land a job in Kentucky Fried Chicken over the next few years you could find yourself being trained using VR. This is thanks to the fast-food company developing a virtual training escape room designed to teach its employees how to prepare that greasy but oh-so-good chicken.

After failing to make virtual reality a thing several times, it seems VR actually has a future. Mainly because the technology has caught up to the ambition of the manufacturers and developers who think The Lawnmower Man is a documentary. Hell, even KFC are jumping on the bandwagon.

Frying Chicken The Hard Way

The Hard Way (a reference to preparing fried chicken by hand) is KFC’s new virtual reality training simulator. If it’s ever actually used in the wild it means employees will be trained in the ways of Kentucky Fried Chicken by completing a creepy and unsettling virtual reality game.

In the game, as discussed on Eater, you don an Oculus Rift headset and are whisked to what looks like the backoffice of a KFC. There, you have to prepare and cook chicken the KFC way, all while a disembodied and omnipresent Colonel Sanders barks orders and issues some words of wisdom.

This isn’t actually being used yet, but Kentucky Fried Chicken claims it will eventually become part of its training program. Alternatively it could just be a viral marketing campaign designed to get sites such as MakeUseOf talking about KFC. In which case, bravo, it worked. And not just virtually.

The Future Is Virtual, Folks

This could be nothing more than a public stunt. Something for which KFC has become famous for in the internet age. However, even if The Hard Way never actually becomes part of the fast-food chain’s training regimen, it at least shows that companies are starting to think of ways to incorporate virtual reality into their businesses. The future is virtual, folks. Believe it.

Do you work for KFC? If so, how would you feel about being trained using a virtual reality simulator? Do you think other industries and companies will start using virtual reality to train their staff? How would you feel about that? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Manuel Olivas
    September 8, 2017 at 2:43 am

    Please stop those clowns, in the Coln. Suit, its cheap imitation of the colonel. KFC IS still and will sunday dinner...thx