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Keyboard Shortcuts You’re Getting Wrong and YouTube Channels You Must See

Christian Cawley 20-03-2019

If you don’t know about a keyboard shortcut, you can end up feeling pretty silly when you accidentally hit one. Something crazy is likely to happen, from the keyboard beeping to your display rotating.

In this week’s Really Useful Podcast, Ben Stegner joins Christian Cawley to discuss accidental keyboard shortcuts. He also has a selection of interesting YouTube channels covering product unboxing, video game music, cookery, and chill out music and video.

We take a look at the latest news, covering Twitter’s upgraded camera features and the new Windows 10 feature of rolling back a buggy update. And Christian Cawley reveals the results of the week he spend using a Raspberry Pi as his primary computer…

Really Useful Podcast Season 2 Episode 7 Shownotes

This week, we talked about:

Hosts for S2E7 of the Really Useful Podcast are Christian Cawley and Ben Stegner, who you will find on Twitter as:

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