Keep the Shrug Emoticon on Speed Dial With These 3 Tips
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The shrug emoticon — or “shruggie”, as it’s often called — started out as an attempt to make a unique OkCupid profile name. Now this emoji is everywhere on the Web. If you use it often, here’s how you can type it quickly without having to Google it every time.

1. Bookmark and copy-paste it from there. The site’s sole purpose is to give you quick access to the shruggie, so take advantage of it.

2. Save it to your clipboard manager. If you use a clipboard manager that lets you save your favorite snippets of text, add an entry for the shrug emoticon to copy it in just a few clicks.

3. Use a text expansion shortcut. A text expansion tool is a must-have to save time and to give your fingers some respite from typing. If you use one, create a new entry in it such that every time you type in a shortcut like &shrug; or shr, it expands to the shrug emoticon.

You can also apply tips #2 and #3 to any other emoticon, including the disappointment face, the why face, and the table flipper.

Which are your favorite emoticons? How do you keep them handy? It’s your turn to share!

Image Credit: Portrait of a pretty woman shrugging shoulders by Dean Drobot via Shutterstock

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