Karma Go LTE Hotspot Pre-Order 33% Off Through October 8

Dave LeClair 03-10-2014

There was a time not long ago when using the Internet left us confined to our homes. Thankfully, those days are long gone, and we now have so many options for staying connected on the go. The most versatile option is a mobile hotspot, which allows you to connect almost any device, whether it be your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Today, we’re taking a close look the pocket-sized Karma Go LTE Hotspot, which you can pre-order right now for only $99, 33% off the normal price of $149. The deal ends on October 8, so you’ll need to jump on it quickly if you want to save some money! Let’s check out just what this hotspot device does, so you can decide if it’s for you.

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The device itself is like many other mobile hotspots. It uses cellular data (LTE, in this case) to create a WiFi hotspot that other devices can connect to. This means you can staying connected and productive on the go. For people who live a mobile lifestyle, a device like the Karma Go LTE Hotspot can be truly life-changing.

Data speed is always important, and the creators of the device promises an average downstream speed between 6-8 Mbps, peaking at 25 Mbps. Speeds will vary depending on several factors: whether it’s connected at 4G, and location. As for the range, you can expect the Karma Go to operate within a 100 feet radius, but like all WiFi, that will vary based on the obstructions between you and the device. But you won’t need to worry about that since you can bring the Karma Go with you anywhere!


The rechargeable battery is rated to last 220 hours on standby, and about five hours while in use. That’s pretty close to the battery life of most laptops, so it should be able to make it through most of a busy day while connected to the Internet. It charges via micro-USB, find a charger should be pretty convenient, if your Karma Go hotspot runs out of juice while you’re out and about.

The device itself is 2.6 inches wide, 2.6 inches high, 0.5 inches deep, which means it’s small enough to carry around easily. Since it’s aimed at users on the go, having a small form-factor is critical. The weight adds to portability as well, as it comes in at only 2.1 oz.

Data Cost


When you purchase the device, you’ll get 1 gigabyte of free data to use as you want, and then from there you’ll have to purchase additional data on a pay-as-you-go basis. As of this writing, Karma is offering data at a price ranging from $9.90-14 for each gigabyte. It starts on the high end, but the more data you order up front, the cheaper the cost per gigabyte becomes. You could also use Karma’s unique sharing feature — every time you share your hotspot connection, you’ll earn 100 megabytes of free data. Read more about it in our review Karma Prepaid Mobile Hotspot Review and Giveaway With its lack of expiration dates, bonus data scheme and low data costs, Karma possesses the potential to change the mobile hotspot landscape. Read More .

It’s not as cheap as signing up for a plan with a contract, but in the case of the Karma Go, you’ll only pay for data you need up-front, and it never expires. Plus, you can cancel without penalty, so if you no longer need a mobile Internet connection, you can terminate your Karma account at any time.

Wrapping Up

If you want to get a reasonably price portable WiFi hotspot without getting locked into a long-term contract, this deal is perfect for you. You’re saving 33% off the full price, but you only have until October 8 to jump in and pre-order your Karma Go hotspot! Don’t wait! US customers only. Free shipping to continental US.

Pre-order now: Get your Karma Go LTE hotspot for $99, 33% off the retail price of $149

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  2. ruowen
    October 18, 2014 at 6:55 pm

    how can i cancel the preorder?

  3. BB
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    This sounds so great for when I travel!

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