Jux: Easily Create Visually Appealing Blogs For Articles & Media

MOin 10-09-2011

Blogging services normally provide only one type of writing interface for all types of blog posts. The ideal blogging service should however have unique templates for various post types. This is exactly what is offered by Jux in a visually appealing package.


visually appealing blogs

Jux is a free to use blogging service. But the site does not simply let you create a blog – it lets you create a visually appealing ad-free online space where you can share a variety of posts. After you create an account on the site you can choose what type of online content you want to post – a quotation against a backdrop, an article, photographs, videos, slideshows, or countdowns. Each type of post heavily focuses on the aesthetics and offers customization options to suit your needs. The countdown type of posts, for instance, let you create countdown lists of any type of items you want along with each item’s name, description, and image that is displayed in the background.


You can publish as many posts as you want the share your blog’s URL with friends. The URL of your space carries the suffix with it.


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