JustBeamIt: Easily Share Files With Friends Without Waiting for It to Completely Upload

MOin 16-10-2011

Online file hosts make file sharing an unnecessarily time-consuming ordeal. First you have to upload your file, and wait while it uploads; then the file recipient has to click on the file URL and wait for it to download. It would be faster if the recipient could download the file while you uploaded it. This is what a web service called “Just Beam It” offers.


easily share files with friends

Just Beam It is an excellent HTML5-based web service that offers file sharing between peers in a faster way. You can start using the site without having to sign up for anything. Once you visit the site’s homepage you can drag files into the window or use the browse button to browse to your file. When your file is added its upload begins; while this is being done you can share the file’s URL with a friend. When he visits the URL he can begin the file download while you are still uploading the file.

The generated URL is for one-time use only; after the file is downloaded, the URL expires.


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  1. jasray
    January 6, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    Confused . . . what is the typical upload speed?  What is the typical download speed?  So my friend can start downloading immediately but only at my upload speed . . . is that correct?