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Not Just For Microblogging: 3 Innovative Uses For

Matthew Hughes 17-03-2014

I was recently inundated with emails and tweets from the community, who were none too pleased with the fact that a previous article I wrote focused almost exclusively on the microblogging features of the main website.

Advertisement, they tell me, is much more than that. It’s a platform which has empowered developers to create innovative consumer-facing products. I was skeptical at first, but I checked it out. Turns out it’s true. is the engine humming inside of a lot of interesting websites and apps. Here’s some of the best.

Wait, What’s

We’ve covered Everything You Need To Know About - The "Other" Social Network was born out of frustration with the status quo. How much do you know about it? Read More in the past. If you’ve missed it, let’s recap. a pretty new microblogging site in the same vein as Twitter, although it has a distinctive edge. Firstly, it comes without adverts and promises to protect the privacy of its users by vowing to never flog their data to the highest bidder. It’s a revolutionary concept, especially in an age where the adage ‘If you don’t pay for a product, you are the product’ has never been truer.

This independence and integrity comes from their pricing model, which requires users to pay a monthly fee to unlock the full potential of the site. This hasn’t seemed to be much of a deterrent, and has a thriving user community.

But what is it other than a microblogging site?



Crowdfunding is big business. We know that, based upon the plethora of crowdfunding Is Crowdfunding For Everyone? The Successes & Failures Here's a quick glimpse of the three most successful crowdfunding projects, as well as the three most devastating failures. Read More websites which have sprung up in recent years. Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Gofundme. You know what I mean. Well, here’s another one to add to the list.


Backer is one such crowdfunding site. Owned by the guys behind, it’s Kickstarter with a difference. It allows developers to fund the addition of features to existing products. In their own words:

A Backer crowdfunding page corresponds to a single feature or service, created by the people who are responsible for building it. It’s up to that team to decide what feature to hypothetically build and what financial commitment they’d like to see in order to build it.

Developers aren’t obligated to integrate into their products, although you need an account to post a project or product. Backers can also pay using standard credit cards, as well as Bitcoin.



Did you have an awesome day, and want to capture it in the visceral form of words on a screen? Was today terrible, and you want to silently vent to yourself?

Sounds like you need to start a journal. We’ve written about the benefits of maintaining a private journal How to Start a Digital Journal: A Quick Guide for Beginners Digital journaling is here to stay. Here's how to start a digital journal on your smartphone, computer, or web browser. Read More in the past, and while I don’t do it myself, I know a lot of people who do and benefit greatly from it.


Ohai is one of many journalling apps which you can download right this second. Available on iOS, it allows you to store your private and personal memories in the safe space of your account. It also comes with social media functionality. If you want to share your private memories with Twitter or, you can if you so wish.


Ohai is available on the Apple App Store, and for $2.99 [No longer available].

Photo Sharing

Sunlit is yet another iOS app powered by the platform.

Its tagline is “Sunlit isn’t for all of your photos. Just the best ones. It’s for the photos that tell a story.” From that, you get the general gist of the application. It allows you to collate and aggregate photos into events and timelines, whilst using the framework to store the photos themselves.



Whereas Flickr is a general-purpose photo bucket, Sunlit is evidently more about creating a narrative using the photos you take with your phone camera.

Sunlit requires iOS 7, and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store [No longer available].

Conclusion is a pretty interesting concept as a microblogging site, but apparently, it’s much more than that. While it hasn’t attracted the same degree of popular usage which Facebook and Twitter enjoy, it has still managed to attract developers en-masse.

Are there any killer fueled apps I missed? Drop me a comment below.

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  1. Dann A
    March 18, 2014 at 7:57 am

    These are probably nice things to have if you already use, but none of them seem all that likely to attract more users to me. I mean, you already have plenty of options for doing these things. Sunlit sounds pretty cool, but I feel like there have to be more apps out there that do the same thing. I really want to succeed, but I don't know if this is going to be much help. What do you think, Matt?

  2. Rob
    March 17, 2014 at 5:32 pm

    This sounds pretty interesting, but do you think they can really create something sustainable when they have something that seems so much more than just a minimal viable product? (i.e. are they trying to do too much?)