Jotti’s Malware Scan: Web virus scanner to scan files you upload

Umar 06-02-2011

Scanning a file for viruses cannot be done without an antivirus program. But what do you do if you are on a public computer without an antivirus program and do not have the user privileges to install one? The answer is Jotti’s Malware Scan.


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Jotti’s Malware Scan is a simple and free to use web virus scanner for files. It lets you upload files of up to 20MB stored on your computer. Your file is then searched for viruses using today’s leading antivirus software. Results from each scanner are individually displayed.

scan files on your computer

Detailed information of your uploaded file is displayed as well. This information includes the file size, file type, and details about MD5 and SHA1. All this information along with the scan results are given as a permalink too. In case you have did not store the permalink, you can relocate your file’s scan page using the site’s Hash search feature and your file’s MD5 information.



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