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Angela Randall 13-07-2012

crowdstream appMobile technology has us connecting with friends and like-minded strangers at an astounding rate, and even making contact occasionally with our favourite stars. But recently an app was released which will make communication with our favourite entertainers very easy – maybe even resulting in real-life contact!


CrowdStream is an app which allows musicians and other entertainers to notify fans of exclusive information during concerts, such as backstage access, bonus updates and user-submitted videos. It increases the crowd’s sharing of video and allows entertainers and fans more direct communication during the gig. It even lets fans who couldn’t be there experience the show via the eyes of the crowd.

Grab The App

The CrowdStream app is available for Android and iOS, so go grab your respective version and check it out. It’s free, so give it a try!

What CrowdStream Does

CrowdStream essentially connects the people on stage with the audience – and the members of the audience with each other. It’s designed for maximum interaction between the band and fans so that everyone has a great time at the show.

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If You’re A Fan

Fans in the audience get to see photos and videos from other fans, plus exclusive updates, photos and videos from the band. So, you’ll find out what’s going on backstage while you’re watching the support band and receive special messages from the team while the gig is on stage. This app could even get you backstage after the show!


Fans who are stuck at home can see the virtual event in CrowdStream and catch the footage through the eyes of the crowd and the band. It might make you pine to be there, but it’s not quite the same as missing it entirely.

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When you’re sharing your photos and video, CrowdStream makes it easy to share it with your Facebook and Twitter friends too. Fans also get the chance to win contests and get free merchandise from the band during the show and between gigs.

If You’re An Entertainer

Bands and other entertainers can show fans exclusive content like photos, video and special messages. You can give away merchandise and invite people backstage just with a quick update. Basically, you can keep your fans just a little bit happier without much effort at all!


While the gig is in place, your fans will be sharing photos and video within the app and then with their friends on other social networks. With your name and performance getting shared positively you might even gain a few potential fans out of it. Word of mouth promotion is the best – especially when people can see footage straight away and make up their minds! You can even reward the fans who promote you the most.

crowdstream app

Bands can sell merchandise and tickets via the CrowdStream app too, which will help to earn a few extra dollars. If you have an offline fan club you want to promote, you can sell memberships inside the app too.

You don’t have to be a big name band or entertainer to use CrowdStream, either. Lots of indie bands have started using it and are building a loyal, engaged following out of it.


The Short Of It

Basically, CrowdStream connects entertainers with fans and lets people share the excitement of the gig as it happens. It also doubles as a great promotional tool and income earner for the bands who use it. Why not give it a go?

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