Jibe Connects Facebook & LinkedIn With Job Search

Angela Randall 25-01-2011

job search facebookYou always knew the line between LinkedIn and Facebook was pretty hazy when it came to business networking, but it seems it’s now even more entangled. Thankfully, this entanglement is great news for users of either service – and is set up specifically to land you work.


Jibe has stepped into the social networking job market, connecting Facebook data and LinkedIn data seamlessly in order to build you the best possible business network and job-seeker profile. All it takes is a few clicks.

job search facebook

Register With Jibe

Take a look at the Jibe site and you’ll see that it’s very easy to get started. All you do is log in with either your Facebook or LinkedIn credentials. It doesn’t matter which one you choose first, because you can easily link the other a little later.

facebook and linkedin integration


Network Statistics

The first things you’ll see is an infographic of your network (which you can find again later by clicking Account > My Stats). It’s quite interesting to see some of the positions my friends hold – it would make approaching the right friends for advice very simple. I also now wonder how many of them are making up business names for a laugh. The unemployment statistics are interesting, but are probably thrown out of perspective by the number of people in your network who are students, kids, retired or just don’t list their employment on Facebook.

Jibe Connects Facebook & LinkedIn With Job Search Your Network

If you scroll left or right you see more statistics, which I consider to be far more interesting than the original statistics. You can find out what the most popular field of study is within your network, which university is the most popular in your network, which professions are the most popular. These are both fascinating and potentially useful. What if you were considering a change of profession? What if you were a teenager with no idea which university to go to or what to study?

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Your Jibe Profile

While you’ve been distracted with shiny statistics, a welcome email has been sent to you and you’re encouraged to set up your profile on Jibe.

job search with facebook

First point of call would be to add either Facebook or LinkedIn (whichever is the remaining social network), which is a simple click and authentication. You can get back to the edit screen by clicking on Account.

Pick and choose from the employers and education you’ve listed on Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s a quick click to add each entry, or you can add or edit something specifically for Jibe. Scroll right down to the bottom and add a few interests too, then remember to save your profile.



Clicking on the “Jobs” tab opens up all the available jobs. You can filter it by US city, but at this stage there’s no option for other countries or even to choose “anywhere”.

Jibe Connects Facebook & LinkedIn With Job Search Jobs

You can filter jobs by your connections too, which also shows you which connection facilitated the addition of that job to your list.

job search with facebook


If you like, jobs can be further filtered by job type or employer. Plus, you can search for jobs at any time and with any of the above restrictions by using the search box at the top of every page.


Jibe’s a little bit viral. In order to convince you to invite more friends, they offer credits for all the friends you invite and when you share jobs to Facebook, then charge you credits when you apply for jobs through Jibe. However, you’re automatically given 400 credits for connecting both Facebook and LinkedIn.

Improvements To Jibe

I think the network statistics could be improved by adding some real-world statistics. For instance, a young person trying to choose a profession to study might like to see which of these professions in their network earn the most. Then perhaps to be able to click to see which qualifications were obtained to get there.

Filtering of jobs could be vastly improved by considering a worldwide perspective. Also, the use of credits to apply for jobs seems a little too restrictive. If none of my friends join Jibe, I’m limited to four job applications. And then what? There’s no word on what happens to you. In my opinion, that severely limits the life of this service. I hope this is something they’ll drop once they’ve got enough users to attract their ideal amount of employers.

Jibe Connects Facebook & LinkedIn With Job Search Jobs at Jibe

More Job-Seeking Goodness

If you’re currently looking for work or just keeping your eyes open, here’s some great MakeUseOf articles to read:

It’s always interesting to see new ways to build a business network and look for work. Jibe is just one of the many new players. What tools do you use and why? Have you found work through social media? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Saikat Basu
    January 26, 2011 at 7:18 am

    Now there's BranchOut on Facebook too which also brings in your LinkedIn profile. With jobs, it's more the merrier. Jibe so far is limited to US only, but there's nothing wrong in using it for career networking for advice and knowledge.

    • Angela Alcorn
      January 26, 2011 at 9:18 am

      Cool - I'll have to take a loot at BranchOut.