Jetpac: View The Travel Photos Of Your Facebook Friends [iPad]

When people go on vacation and travel to places, they take lots of pictures and upload them to Facebook. You could use such pictures your friends upload onto Facebook to plan your own trips and vacations. Here to help you check out these pictures is an iOS tool called Jetpac.

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Jetpac is sized very small at only 0.3 MB and requires an iPad device running iOS 4.3 or later. You can use the app to connect with your Facebook account and check out travel photos. Places you like can be saved as favorites. You can mark places where you have already been and also create a wishlist of places you would like to visit. Friends can be asked for vacation tips regarding the places they have already been to.

Jetpac: View The Travel Photos Of Your Facebook Friends [iPad] Photos


  • A user-friendly iOS app.
  • Lets you check out travel photos of Facebook friends.
  • You can add places to your favorites and mark ones you have visited.
  • Make a wishlist of places you want to visit.
  • Get vacation advice from friends.

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