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Jet Launches Amazon War, Google Kills Streamus, & More… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 22-07-2015

Jet targets Amazon, Streamus stops streaming, Ninja Cat saves the day, StreamSquid loves Grooveshark, Wii U loses Project CARS, and Amazon Prime Day 2016.

Jet Powers Amazon Rival, a new online retailer promising shoppers “the lowest prices on everything,” is now live. Jet is a U.S.-only shopping site with an annual membership fee of $49.99. In return for that upfront cost, which is cheaper than Amazon Prime 10 Awesome Amazon Prime Benefits You've Probably Overlooked Free two-day shipping is just the beginning. Here are some notable Amazon Prime subscription benefits you may not know about. Read More , Jet promises to undercut its rivals, and offer extra savings on top, with, for example, discounts for multiple purchases.

According to Re/Code, during testing with selected users, Jet visibly compared prices Curiua: Quickly Compare Prices At All 5 European Amazons If you're shopping on Amazon in Europe, you might be able to find a better deal in another country. Use to find out! Here's everything you need to know. Read More with a range of rivals. However, after this system caused confusion among shoppers, Jet has now zeroed in on Amazon, displaying its (cheaper) prices alongside those offered by the ubiquitous online retailer.

This appears to be the opening shots of an impending war between the two online retailers. Amazon will not want to lose customers to its upstart rival, but Jet needs to eat away at Amazon’s market share and brand awareness if it hopes to succeed in a sector with such tight profit margins.

YouTube Shutters Streamus

Google has successfully shut down Streamus, a Chrome extension that used YouTube to power a music streaming service. Streamus had been operating for three years, building a userbase 300,000-strong in that time. But Streamus has now disappeared from the Chrome Web Store after Google revoked its YouTube API key.

The story of how Google killed Streamus after a battle of wills with its creator Sean Anderson is a rather long and epic one. Thankfully, The Next Web has all the details, which basically boil down to Google believing Streamus operates contrary to its Terms of Service. Anderson is understandably aggrieved at the treatment he received, but for the time being, Streamus is dead.

Microsoft Embraces Ninja Cat


Microsoft is changing. And how. A company that was once happy to be seen as a corporate powerhouse lacking in humor and humanity is softening. As demonstrated by its embrace of Ninja Cat, the new unofficial mascot being used to promote Windows 10.

Windows 10 arrives on July 29th, and in order to help get the word out there, Microsoft is leveraging the power of Ninja Cat; Ninja Cat being a play on Jason Heuser’s infamous “Welcome to the Internet” image, altered so that the stealthy kitty is carrying a Windows flag rather than a golden gun.

In order to help spread the word, Microsoft has released a number of Ninja Cat wallpapers. One has him riding a dinosaur, another has him riding a unicorn, and another has him riding a bacon-obsessed swordfish. Microsoft is even asking its fans to get creative by Photoshopping Learn Photo Editing in Photoshop: Get the Basics Down in 1 Hour Photoshop is an intimidating program—but with just one hour, you can learn all of the basics. Grab a photo you want to edit, and let's get started! Read More the original Ninja Cat images with mashups of their own. How can you possibly resist?!

StreamSquid Channels Grooveshark


StreamSquid has launched to offer an alternative to Grooveshark, which shut down at the end of April The Day the Music Died: A Grooveshark Retrospective Grooveshark is dead. But how did this infamous streaming piracy service stay alive so long? And what does its closure mean for users? Let's take an in-depth look. Read More under intense legal scrutiny from record labels. StreamSquid is a newcomer to the streaming music scene which claims to have resurrected 90 percent of the old Grooveshark playlists.

The creators of StreamSquid, who are working on the project on a part-time basis, maintain the service is perfectly legal, telling Ars Technica the songs are all sourced from a combination of YouTube and SoundCloud. So expect the same legal pressures to be applied to StreamSquid as was previously applied to Grooveshark. Because music can never be free Why Taylor Swift Is Wrong About Spotify In the past week Taylor Swift has pulled her music from Spotify, inspired countless song-pun laden headlines and reignited the debate about streaming music services. Read More , apparently.

Wii U Loses Project CARS

Project CARS is no longer coming to the Wii U, with Slightly Mad Studios officially cancelling the port of the PC, PS4, and Xbox One driving game. This is a crying shame for Nintendo, as Project CARS is a cracking racing sim. However, it seems the hardware simply isn’t up to the task.

SMS Creative Director Andy Tudor told GameSpot “[Project CARS] is simply too much for Wii U.” He then explained, “Despite much perseverance on the Wii U version of Project CARS, we will no longer be actively pursuing development on it as the quality does not meet our own high standards nor our intended vision for the title on this platform.”

The one hope for the company is that Slightly Mad Studios suggests it’s keen to develop titles for future Nintendo consoles. In other words, the forthcoming Nintendo NX, which is due to replace the Wii U Nintendo Wii U Review and Giveaway Despite the increasing shift to mobile gaming, consoles are still very popular devices for playing immersive, graphics-intensive games; and that won’t change anytime soon as long as the major console makers continue to improve with... Read More at some point in the near future.

Amazon Announces Prime Day 2

And finally, Amazon certainly seems happy with how its first annual Prime Day Amazon Prime Day Fails, Neil Young Hates Streaming, & More... [Tech News Digest] Amazon Prime Day disappoints, Neil Young throws toys out of pram, Twitter dashes off an update, Netflix grows in 2015, and a scarily good zombie short. Read More went, but the rest of the Internet has spent the past week ragging on the online retailer over the quality and quantity of the products on offer. So, will they do better next year?

Amazon has offered us a sneak peek of what to expect from Prime Day 2, coming to a browser near you in 2016. Or perhaps not. That’s because far from being an official preview of Amazon Prime Day 2016, this video is the work of YouTube channel ThinkHeroPro. [H/T Reddit]

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    September 12, 2015 at 7:29 pm

    I Save CHROME Extensions As .CRX Files Into My Hard Drive.

    CHROME Has Several Clone Browsers And Most Extensions Are Compatible.

    If Necessary, Just Rename Files From .NEX To .CRX, Or Vice Versa.

    STREAMUS Can Be Installed In OPERA15+ Or YANDEX, For Example.