JeopardyApp: Create Your Own Classroom Version of Jeopardy Game

Justin Pot 27-03-2013

Create your own version of Jeopardy, the popular American quiz game show that’s been on TV for a million years. The (very) unofficial JeopardyApp offers a simple online template you can use with your class. Don’t expect sound effects, fancy graphics or even a way to enter answers – this site is intended less to be a game and more to be a tool for use in classrooms. Everyone sees the question, the teacher allows students to answer and points can be rewarded to the person who gets it correct.


For decades classrooms have been creating impromptu versions of Jeopardy, because the competition, familiarity and fun of the format can help make reviewing a chapter fun. Many teachers use PowerPoint – or even the chalk board – to create their own Jeopardy from scratch. JeopardyApp makes the process a lot easier, allowing you to fill in a simple form to create a board.

make your own version of jeopardy

As I said before, this is not meant to played online, alone – it’s meant for a group. Put the board on the overhead, allowing the moderator to control.


Show the board, let a contestant choose a category and a question. When the question is revealed, the moderator allows contestants to buzz in – it’s up to the moderator to decide who is first. Click the question to reveal it:


JeopardyApp: Create Your Own Classroom Version of Jeopardy Game jeopardy questions

The moderator can then, depending on a right or wrong answer, add or deduct points by clicking the checkmark or x.

You can browse existing boards to get an idea how this works, but be aware Jeopardy purists – some people creating quizzes don’t seem to entirely get the concept – while browsing you’ll find quite a few answers that do not come in the form of a question.


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