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Tim Brookes 18-11-2013

Michael Cera, Tim and Eric, Sarah Silverman and Reggie Watts have kindly teamed up to spread art, music, comedy and entertainment under one name: JASH. The YouTube network put on by some of the most entertaining online and offline personalities is bound to bring a smile to your face.

Taking advantage of YouTube’s ability to create virtually content-less aggregators in the form of networks, the channel highlights videos from some stellar performers under one name. And what a mix of content there is!

What is JASH?

The video above should acquaint you with the performers, most of whom you probably already know. Michael Cera hit it big with Juno and even bigger with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and while neither of those are particularly funny films his dry delivery style and emerging directing talent is worth a look.

Reggie Watts was previously featured in a Stuff to Watch covering Van Halen’s Panama, which has to be heard to be believed, while Sarah Silverman is a successful stand-up comedienne who’s not afraid to tackle even the most delicate of issues. Finally Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, known better as Tim and Eric, previously enjoyed TV success having earned three series of Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show (Great Job) plus spin-off film.

For a YouTube comedy The 10 Best Original YouTube Comedy Channels Life can be depressing at times. I don't care who you are or how good your life is, there is always the chance that something or someone can knock you off your happy pedestal and... Read More network, these are some pretty big names.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah’s comedy style hits the blue, satire and dark notes while adapting to safe-for-network-TV (but still somewhat sarcastic in tone) performances like the video below.

This was actually a pilot for Sarah’s proposed show “Susan: 313” about a 90s rockstar coming out of a decade-long relationship. Somewhat self-autobiographical in nature, NBC turned the show down and so instead Sarah has decided to put the pilot on YouTube for all to see.

The embedded playlist above, titled “Sarah Silverman’s Voices of Learning” are based on a series of tweets, offering nuggets of wisdom Change Your Mind: 8 Really Inspirational Websites For Your Days & Life Inspiration is not so simple. It is a higher calling. If motivation is the push, inspiration is the pull. On a gloomy day, we need big doses of both. Even little slivers of either go... Read More and life-tips over five episodes. Go on, click play and be enlightened.

Finally you can see in the video above, Sarah likes to put the political gloves on occasionally and um, do something for the community with a helpful message about voter representation. Subscribe to Sarah’s channel on YouTube.

Michael Cera

Michael Cera takes a more serious approach on his channel while still keeping the weirdness fairly high, as can be seen in his short “Failure” below. The five-minute film is entertaining and wonderfully shot, if a little uneventful.

Gregory Go Boom, below, turns the insanity up a level. This sort of production is typically Cera, and he takes to the roll incredibly well putting on a believably passionate performance. The film is also chock-full of beautiful cinematography, wide-landscape shots and awkward moments.

Finally the last of Cera’s short films (and all his channel’s uploads, in fact) is Brazzaville Teen-Ager, another short directed by and co-written by the star himself. The film tells a story of a son attempting to save his father from death by deterioration.

Subscribe to Michael Cera on YouTube.

Tim & Eric

Prepare for insanity: it’s the warped minds of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. Known best for Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show (Great Job), a disjointed and crazy sketch show, Tim and Eric’s YouTube efforts are just as schizophrenic in nature. If flitting between calm, collected and sarcastic comedy and disturbingly glitchy nonsense is an art, these two have mastered it.

The two have an innate ability to make the food they feature on their shows look very unappetizing, so I was delighted when I heard about recent mini-series Tim’s Kitchen Tips, which has been embedded in its entirety above. Another mini-series that the two have been working in is Tim & Eric’s GoPro Show, embedded below.

And for some classic Tim & Eric “from the archive” there’s this typically weird and slightly awkward film about a cat film festival.

Subscribe to Tim & Eric on YouTube, and also catch them at their respective channels: Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.

Reggie Watts

Musician, comedian, poet, orator and Afro-haver, Reggie Watts is a bit of a YouTube hit thanks to past musical performances and a very unique sense of humour. His aforementioned musical style generally involves looping vocal samples, as well as using MPC-like grooveboxes to layer a sound, like the video below (which I admit, is obviously sponsored by Ford – did you say nice car, Reggie?).

This style is probably best demonstrated through the playlist below for the series “One Take”. In the first, Reggie takes four YouTube comments as inspiration and creates a song using his voice and a four track recorder. Make sure you watch all three videos if you like this sort of thing.

I can’t think of any better video to finish this article on than the one below. Prepare to be Reg rolled!

Subscribe to Reggie Watts on YouTube.

Don’t forget to subscribe to JASH and let us know what you think of these performers in the comments, below!

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