Jamf Now Makes It Easy for Businesses to Manage Apple Devices

MakeUseOf Deals 01-10-2019

When most companies reach a certain size, they start supplying employees with computers and phones. Setting up and configuring each of these devices by hand is a big time commitment for any IT department. Jamf Now offers a great alternative. This platform allows you to deploy, manage and protect all your iPhones, iPads and Mac through one simple interface. Right now, you can sign up and manage three devices without spending a dime.


Device Management Made Simple

Once upon a time, office workers would spend their entire day using a single desktop machine. But times have changed, and now we get work done on phones, tablets and laptops. For business owners, keeping all these devices updated and protected can be a nightmare.

Jamf Now is an Apple-focused solution that makes things much more straightforward. This cloud-based platform allows technical staff to configure, update and optimize company devices from anywhere in the world. This includes installing required apps, freeing up disk space and checking on devices.

Better still, your technical team can ensure that security is maintained. Through Jamf Now, you can set up encryption and passwords with a couple of clicks. If a colleague loses their Apple device, you can even lock or wipe it remotely.

Sign Up Free

Normally priced at $2/device/month, Jamf Now is an affordable time-saver for any Apple-minded business. Want to give it a try? Sign up now and manage three devices free forever.

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