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Are you feeling an unusual symptom? Do you need to find the closest hospital in your current location? Now you can easily do a quick diagnosis, learn more about various medical conditions and procedures, or find the nearest hospital or doctor in your area on your phone using iTriage mobile app. This app is a ported version of the iTriage website, providing comprehensive healthcare information.

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With the iTriage app, you can do a normal search and a voice search, look up symptoms, research diseases, learn about procedures, and search for a doctor or a location where you can get treated. This mobile app can be especially useful for emergency situations wherein you do not have the time to login to the internet using a regular computer. The iTriage app puts handy medical information right at your fingertips, allowing you to carry it around with you anywhere you go.

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  • Access invaluable medical information from your iPhone or Android phone
  • Search the iTriage website normally or using a voice search
  • Find the nearest doctor or medical facility in your area
  • Look up symptoms
  • Research about diseases and conditions
  • Learn about medical procedures
  • Similar Tools: SymptomChecker, and Symptom Search

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