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With so much stuff happening in the world every minute, it seems like what happened couple of hours ago is old news. To keep track of the most fresh and up-to date news, check out itpints. It is a new real-time search engine that scans Twitter, Facebook status updates, RSS feeds of popular news sites and blogs and shows you what’s being published right now, with top search results less than 1 hour old.

You can also subscribe to RSS feed of a particular search term (ex: Ashton Kutcher) to keep track of the topic updates on your feed reader.

real-time search


  • Real time search engine.
  • Search news and posts published in the last few minutes.
  • Scans Twitter, Facebook status updates and feeds of popular news sites and blogs.
  • Top search results are less 1 hour old.
  • Subscribe by RSS to keep track of a topic within your browser.

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